Under the Dark Sun

After a minor intrusion into the tower of darkness, our heroes return home to find out what has happened since their departure.

Path in the Shadows

Juggling wisdom and knowledge we make our way through a dark world, hoping for a light at the end of the journey.

Piercing the Shadows

Being mindful of our thoughts is a great way to direct our life on the desired path, instead of becoming a victim of circumstance.

Clash of Darkness

Desperate for a solution to the kingdom's problems, the knights of light risked everything in search of an unusual answer. Hoping that fate was on their side.

Fumes of Glory

The adventure continues despite all the mishaps suffered by the heroes of the Kingdom of Glory; their journey to recover all that they've lost.

Turning point

After a long day, a team of heroes gather around to plan their next adventure. This could be a great beginning for a tale.

When light fails

Even the most noble of ideals may be subject to external unforeseen forces, and even compromise its intentions.

Crystal ambush

An unexpected event is about to change the future of a country, the need of a hero is great in troubling times.