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A long time ago, when numbers made more sense than letters, I wrote this first blog post with an explanation of it all. However, it’s appropriate for me to talk about the present; after all the effort, I’m finally on the right path.

Everyday I feel the words flowing with ease, and my novel’s recipe has turned the process into a delight. Not to mention the joy I’ve got from posting weekly short stories. I’m happy with the results but something tells me this is just the beginning; I now feel my goal is beyond the horizon, as I can’t even imagine it.

I’m thankful for this opportunity to be part of your weeks, and when you let me know you’re reading my stories, and even for those waiting until publish my novel.

A writer deeply feels that writing is for him the best thing that has happened or could happen, as writing for him is the best possible way to live.
—Mario Vargas Llosa

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Welcome, I'm Sebastian and this is my blog