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Chase Bigger Dreams
April 29, 2014|Blog

Chase Bigger Dreams

Chase Bigger Dreams

I was surfing the web, looking for a way to get feedback on my short stories, but I was only able to find people trying to sell their books. There was no communication among the members of the groups, everyone was only looking for a way to find more customers. And it made me wonder, where are the authors who are willing to read your mistakes and give you advice? It’s writing just a mechanism to make money? Do all artists end up begging for a few bucks to cover their expenses? In that instant, I decided that writing is all the remuneration I want from writing.

As many young authors, I began my career entertaining small groups of people, the ideas came effortlessly. The short story’s essence was entertainment, but it always had a little bit of my philosophy, and with time, it became important to share my points of view. Since then, all of my stories have had a hidden message, but I could only reach a limited amount of people with my ideas.

Ideas that are the fruit of my knowledge and experiences, in other words, they’re only my perspective. However, they’re as important as yours because I share the truth, and I do it with anyone who is willing to stay for a while and read.

My life is a result of my philosophy, and I want to share it with you. Our world is filled with beauty and we can’t copyright it, without human interaction we’re just blank papers no one is willing to use. We’re together in this search for a hidden secret, and because we’re in this together, it’s better if we share as much information as possible. No one is leaving Earth alive, let’s make the most out of our stay here.

Writing is a form of art, and it has something in common with the rest of the artists skills, it helps us communicate with each other, and we’re all artistic by nature. I don’t think is healthy to hide that idea from oneself, it’s time to be true to our basic needs and believes. The one who carries the less baggage gets further than the rest.

We live in a world that no longer satisfy our needs, but we held to the past and can’t see what it’s doing to ourselves. People are afraid of what would happen if everything we know collapses, something reminds us of the hardships that previous generations had to endure. Only a couple of hundred years ago physical strength was the backbone of our society, and know we’re told by doctors that some exercise is good for our health.

It seems that no one has stopped and looked back to admire all that we’ve accomplished, all the work that lead to the creation of our beautiful cities and roads, all the wealth and the robotic automatization, but we aren’t able to take a short six month break to visit our own parents.

Even though, I understand the needs and fears of your ancestors were passed down the generations, there’s no way for me to continue on the destructive path our society is taking. I’m thirty and won’t be part of a broken system, even if that leaves me no other option than to create a better one. I’ll follow the path that life has placed in front of me, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances that may appear to an unemployed young author.

Nevertheless, best of luck following the dollar sign, I hope you find what you’re looking for under tons of cash.

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