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In secret chambers, things always happen that the rest of the world takes centuries to discover, even if only through the imagination of thinkers.

In the secret chambers of Caesar, the highest generals of his ever-expanding army convened.

“Gentlemen,” Caesar spoke, “our conquests have shown us the true power of Rome. We, the architects of the empire’s growth, now face a new dilemma. Ruling requires a different strategy.

Some of you have worked to maintain order in various corners of the empire. Most have failed. The might of our army means nothing when faced with terrorism. The citizens of our empire refuse to be active members of Rome.

Unity is strength, and that’s why I’ve devised a new plan.”

The generals exchanged glances, all eager to hear from the mind that had led them to expand the empire. Caesar raised his hand, and his servants entered through various doors of the secret chambers.

“Here is the solution,” Caesar announced.

The generals were taken aback as they received the white robes, their minds blank with anticipation of Caesar’s supposed solution.

“I want you to leave behind your military attire and start dressing in this.”

The generals whispered among themselves.

“Furthermore,” Caesar continued, “I will step down from my position as the leader of the state.”

“That’s impossible…”

“It is necessary,” Caesar insisted. “We must start a new war. A war to win the loyalty of the people. This is the only way.”

“It makes no sense…”

“We will stage my death,” Caesar said. “In my place, God will reign. I have prepared the laws that God requires of His followers. Here are His sacred scriptures.”

The generals were astonished to see the first copy of the Bible in Caesar’s hands.

“I need the Roman army to enforce this doctrine among the people. From now on, we shall be known as Catholics, Apostolic, and Roman. The title of Caesar will be replaced by the head of our church. I shall be the first Pope after we stage my death.”

“Are you certain this is the best way to rule?”

“I hope so because I have invested too much in this plan.”

And so, in a dimly lit room, the generals of the Roman army transformed into the priests of the Catholic Church.

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