Dark Light
The reason for all of our problems and closer than we could imagine. We should give ourselves the opportunity to look beyond what is allowed.

In the present things got complicated. People everywhere began to disappear. But how? What could be happening? This was not normal and despite that, on social networks, one could hear about the disappearing.

The number of missing persons began to rise rapidly. It was impossible. Cities were getting smaller every day. Eventually, the number one cause of death in every country in the world was disappearance.

Nothing made sense. Where were the corpses? Theories floated like murmurs. It was an organization that sought to reduce the number of people in the world. Others said that it was about UFOs that are taking humans to experiment on them. Others claimed that it was instant combustion. But no one really knew what was going on.

Families dwindled rapidly. Disappearances increased exponentially. But how? The authorities were desperately looking for a solution to the rapid decline of humans in the world. They all seemed desperate.

For the Scribe, it was a normal day. One more in his incessant search for perfection. His theories were a bit more radical. He had already seen many acquaintances disappear. Well, this all started after the launch of the Hadron Collider, and the subsidiary discovery of dark matter.

It was obvious to the Scribe that they were all related. It is believed that the Hadron Collider ripped a hole in space-time and it was a matter of time before something terrible happened. But for him this was not something strange, the world government worked tirelessly so that situations like this are contained.

The Scribe was one of those in charge of erasing the collective mind. Choosing memories that are not necessary for the average human. This time it was about the disappearance of half the people on the planet. A miscalculation that our scientists were able to quickly correct.

The Hadron Collider gave them a tool to reach other places in space-time. These realities were like trains raising while traveling at the same speed on parallel tracks. Identical in almost everything to reality.

The scientists decided that the best way to give peace to the humans who saw half the beings on their planet disappear was to make them believe that it was all part of a science fiction movie. Memories changed, but that was only the first step.

The Scribe activated the mechanism that started the sequence. The clash of two timelines. The system had planned to derail one of the timelines close to its own and hoped that the outcome would be satisfactory.

The clash resulted in the appearance of new beings that now replaced the missing ones. New beings who feel like visitors in this new universe. Traveling without knowing that everything they loved was destroyed in the process. This is why the Mandela effect is only real for us.

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