Dark Light
The adventure continues despite all the mishaps suffered by the heroes of the Kingdom of Glory; their journey to recover all that they’ve lost.

In the far lands of the Kingdom of Glory the knights of light departed on a blessed journey in search of honor and even redemption.

However, the distribution of the king’s army created the perfect opportunity for a crystal ambush, while the mightiest knights discovered what happens when light fails without the support of their companions: the blade, the hammer and the witch. The resulting events that led the townsfolk to learn that the golden had fallen had taken our heroes to a turning point.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group, including Reginald—the prince who’d lost his light—had no idea what Aslan was talking about. It was normal for the knight of light to lose himself in thought, and for some reason his ideas turned into adventures. That was the main reason Cleirk—a warrior from the northlands—had for following a knight of light. It was strange to see members of opposing guilds working together.

On the other hand, it was obvious that Sharai did not enjoy the company of an assassin—even worse when Kelsy and Cleirk worked as a team.

Everyone in the tavern was used to the treatment of town heroes—no one was surprised when they started working for King Frederick. However, the whispers of what had happened spread throughout the kingdom. It was the perfect opportunity for a disgruntled warrior in search of retaliation.

Aslan continued drinking, trying to leave his memories behind. It was shameful to think that after all his training he was so easily beaten. He couldn’t understand the source of the dark knight’s powers.

The rest of the group had a grim look on their faces, although with a lot of effort they tried to act as if this was a normal night in the tavern. Another day that ends well and provides a reason to celebrate. Until Darwin arrived—one of the warriors of the Blue Cross order.

“I didn’t know we serve traitors,” Darwin said for everyone present to hear. “What if it isn’t Aslan and his henchmen!”

Cleirk looked up and knew he couldn’t intervene. Darwin clearly intended to challenge Aslan, and a warrior must respect the traditions.

“Do you think you could have done better?” Aslan asked, turning to face the warrior.

“Anyone could do a better job than you,” Darwin said as he placed his ax on the bar.

Everyone present watched carefully.

“Let me see if I can understand,” Aslan said. “You’re upset about what happened, but instead of looking for a solution the warrior who did nothing is pointing fingers.”

“Maybe I just want to wipe the smile off your face.”

“Why don’t we take this outside?” Aslan asked.

Reginald looked at Darwin. Aslan must be crazy, he thought. It was obvious that Darwin looked bigger and stronger than Aslan.

“You’ll regret this,” Darwin said, grabbing his ax from the bar.

“I was hoping for some action,” Aslan said to his crew, as he tried to get up and noticed that he had drunk more than he expected.

Reginald held the knight of light to help him regain his balance.

“I’m fine… I’m fine,” Aslan said, holding onto the table.

“Are you sure of this?” Sharai asked.

“I’ll be fine,” Aslan said and pushed Reginald away with one hand. “Give me some room to get out.”

Staggered, everyone watched Aslan leave the tavern.

“We have to help him,” Reginald said.

But the rest of the group ignored the prince and walked after Aslan.

“Are you ready to meet your maker?” Darwin asked, holding his ax with both hands.

“I already know him,” Aslan said, struggling to unsheathe his greatsword, Spark, from his back. Grant me your power in this time of need, Aslan thought, staring at Spark’s silver blade.

Darwin attacked without a warning, carrying his ax with both hands—in a direct path of impact against the staggering knight of light.

Aslan leapt to the side, landing face down on the ground.

“Is this how you fight?” Darwin asked with a smirk on his face.

Aslan struggled to his feet—while everyone watched the fight from a tavern’s door or window.

“You haven’t seen anything,” Aslan said and struggled to raise his greatsword.

Darwin attacked again, this time the metal of his ax stroke Spark and a flash of light illuminated their faces.

“I’ll give you the opportunity to back down,” Aslan said.

Darwin smiled and charged. This time it was a series of continuous attacks—twists and turns that left everyone in awe.

None more so than Aslan who barely managed to dodge the attacks. “Is this all you have?” Aslan asked, turning his back to the warrior. “Where are you?”

Darwin frowned. “You were lucky.”

Reginald saw Aslan turn toward his opponent, just in time to protect himself with his greatsword from an attack. What is he doing? he asked himself.

Aslan deflected the attack and turned to face the young prince. Then he winked at him.

“Let’s see what you’re made of…” Aslan said, raising his greatsword in from him.

Darwin saw the knight attack—without the powers of light—and protected himself with ease. The two continued to clash their weapons, attacking and defending with accuracy.

Breathing heavily, Darwin looked up. “I see you fight with honor.”

Aslan wiped the sweat from his forehead with one hand. “It’s been a long time since I had a good fight.”

The two of them met again with their weapons, leaving a flash of light after the impact of the blades—Darwin found an opportunity and kicked Aslan’s feet from behind.

Aslan lost his balance and fell, hitting his head on the ground. Then, he felt the cold metal against his throat.

Darwin raised his ax and reached out with his hand to help the knight. “Get up,” said the warrior, “you’re buying the next round.”

Reginald couldn’t believe what was happening. Darwin hugged Aslan and the two returned to the tavern—they passed through the crowd. On reaching the bar they received two mugs of beer and toasted. What just happened? Reginald wondered.

Then, Reginald waited for everyone to enter the tavern and briefly gaze up at the stars. My dad trusts them too much, he thought, turning to watch Aslan drinking and singing next to Darwin. What kind of people are they?

Reginald held the coin sack in his hand, and decided to return to the tavern to see how the night would end.

    1. Joseph, you’re too kind. This story is the sequel of a series that I’ve been creating since last year. Actually, the support given by the community for “Outside Light” reminded me how much I enjoy a series of short stories. Enjoy!

  1. You did a great job Ittu! I like and enjoyed your story you never failed us. Thank you for sharing such a good story like this. And I thank you also for liking my posts. Gracias!

  2. This was great! Thanks for liking my review on Resident Evil, would be great if you could share with others too, I’m looking to write more game reviews!

    1. Gamewriter, good to have you here. I hope that more readers find the descriptions of your reviews as entertaining as I do, thank you. I hope to see you back for my weekly short stories.

  3. This would make an excellent graphic novel of movie. You have a backstory and a current narrative. It this plot you do more showing than telling which gives it a visual effect. Very good, you’re on your way to stardom.

      1. Your words are very kind, and grately appreciated. I will continue with this series of Tribulation related articles for quite a while. The purpose is to provide information that they may not be receiving from their pastor.

  4. From a writer to another I must say your writings are quite Intoxicating. You can really get the reader engulfed into your work!

  5. Thanks for liking my blog. But more than that, I’m so glad it gave me the chance to check out yours and your short stories. I love reading and I really enjoyed this one. Though short, I was totally transported to a whole different world, so effectively. Fantastic job!

      1. Your work “Cheeky Gentleman” made me realise how much the world has changed. There are very few gentlemen they are actually an endangered species 😅

          1. Absolutely! Yet God in His wisdom made it such that the seed would come from the man. Even so the man gets the privilege to plant in “multiple sites”. When a woman “catches” a seed it’s lockdown for almost 9 months 😏

  6. I find your stories very unique and interesting. And I truly wonder how you found my blog in its early going, too. I’m glad you seem to have enjoyed reading it. I’d sort of presumed no one would discover that blog except by accident, much less find it very readable or enjoyable. I admire your commitment to your writing, I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hey! am an addict to knights, valour and honor. The medieval times, as recreated by the creatives are a fascinating read. looking forward to more..

  8. Aloha Sebastian! Thank you for liking my blog calendar. I just started re using wordpress and I don’t really know how too. That is why I am commenting here. Love this story and I am following you on linkedin as well. A L O H A !

  9. As I have only begun reading your stories, I look forward to going back to your previous story line. It’s like Camelot and Excalibur meets Narnia.
    Great story
    Thank you for your likes as well.
    God bless

      1. I read them, it’s a good story, I like the characters, and the imagery. I like Spark, it reminds me of Excalibur. Looking forward for more.

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  12. Hi Sebastian! LOVED the story. I also wanted to say thank you for liking my (stupid) first post (I don’t know if you clicked it by mistake, lol). Looking forward to reading up more!

    1. Nishqax, I love the idea of your blog and I see that you’re starting to put everything in order. I hope you can take a full tour of my fiction blog, maybe you’ll find inspiration.

  13. Will do/have started..lol.. fascinating perception of character awareness.. blessings..GG💖

  14. Thank you for liking my blog, just a novice, so appreciate it. Your story is very gripping and I enjoyed it but like you have written it is a sequel so couldn’t connect to it. Still, it was an interesting read! How long have you been blogging?

  15. Really great writing. You are very talented! The naming was excellent, gives the reader an immediate idea of what to expect of the characters.

  16. Thank you for your excellent work, your command of English is admirable. Do you write in your own language too? Thanks for following the Automaton, let’s see where it takes us…

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