Dark Light
When I first started writing, one of my deepest fears was getting attached to one of the character and then have him killed. Here is one of my failures.

A nightmare waked up Malfoy, his blurry sight don’t allow him to see far in the distance; in the adjacent bed sleeps his brother seemly unaffected by the terrible events about to befall. He witness a terrible future where… There’s no time to think, he tells himself before living his bed; watchful steps take him toward the room door, his eyes still adjusting to the complete darkness. A cracking noise burst as he opens the door louder than he sought; he looks back at his brother hoping the noise didn’t wake him. His adjusting eyes gazed the bed finding it motionless; the door closes after he lives the room.

The corridor lighted by a full moon, “just like my dream�? he thought yet this was not what he had expected. A cold breeze brought chill to his bones, the images seemed too vivid, and he began to walk toward the source. His bare feet slowly step over the icing tiles, one by one as he approaches a dancing drape which caught his attention; he can’t help but wonder if the shape dancing in the distance had anything to do with his dream.

Still far yet it seems as if every step makes the path stretch longer and longer. He can help but wonder is he didn’t really woke from that terrible nightmare, if it still chases after him; a rush of blood paralyze him as he slowly looks back, his eyes can’t but image the thing following yet there are no movements or sound.

A sudden blasting sounds emerges, as if the cold running through his body didn’t scare enough the sound had come from the dancing drape. The idea of turning his body seems unbearable; his body doesn’t to respond the desperate need of running on a different direction. Slowly and uncontrollably his eyes glance at the drape finding nothing out of the ordinary, but then he spots broken glass laying at the distance. The glass shines as if the moon had shifted places, the glare feels as if gazing at a sunset.

Running and filled of courage the found himself, but why? Impossible to think of the moment when he had start running yet now only few steps away from the drape. Glass pieces lay scattered all over the floor, until he notices drops blood on them. He wanted to wake up but wasn’t sure if that was a possibility when out of the missing window a strong wind flutters as if a large hand would have grabbed him, the chilled air is felt deep inside his body. Not sure if immobilized or just cold he searches the room by only moving his eyes; the drops of blood call his attention when he sees a trail of bloody pawns walking away from the glass.

He can only think of the dream as fear overtakes his body; is unthinkable to stand, waiting for the thing to come back. He finally regains control and start to walk away from the windows, away from the blood. There is nothing going to stop him, he walks and walks on his way to… where is going, where is this path taking him; he decides to stop, nothing seems real until he remembers his brother sleeping. “It’s a dream�? he thinks while running toward the room, running to find his brother.

The door is open yet he remembers leaving it close; his mind goes through the multiple scenarios where he forgot the door open and nothing happened. He walks in front of void left by the open door and stares inside the dark door; he slowly walks step by step looking for the trail of blood yet can’t find it. Now he finds himself surrounded by darkness and at a far distant a glare starts to appear; he stares at the glare as it slowing takes shape. Two bright red fire eyes stare back at him and start to move on his direction; his first reaction is turning and running out yet as soon as he turns the doors shuts close. Gathering his strength looks back at the approaching eyes now a few steps away from him; the warmth of the beast is felt as it approaches and takes over him.

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