Dark Light
Despite our shared connection to balance, more and more humans are giving in to destructive energies. Only the worthy will be useful for the war against chaos.

Pollux was an ordinary human who lived in the time of the giant creators. His monotonous life revolved around honing his talents, even going to the extreme of spending months away from others. He never expected that life would open the doors to another dimension.

Spiritual journeys have been very important to Pollux. He’d discarded many philosophical beliefs that have taken him nowhere. He became tired of the lack of results, so he decided to take the path of sacrifice. Something good must come from this, he thought

After years of leaving behind the pleasures of life, Pollux realized that his path would require deceit. Of course… that would have been what he told a psychologist if was ever interviewed. Pollux decided to start looking for signs and following them as if they were ordered by a higher power, although he did not know if a message should be taken as positive or negative. Life taught him to follow the signs that have led him to circumstances that aligned with his emotions.

Years of searching for signs showed him a way to discover them faster as if a language had been created between him and his higher self. Following the messages of the creator of nature gave Pollux a sense of accomplishment that he never thought possible. Is it possible that his discovery is real? In the blink of an eye, following the messages left for him changed his life. It was… almost impossible.

On a day like today, Pollux walked out of his tent without haste. He innocently remembered an anecdote that he heard many years ago and decided to look for insects inside his boots. Taking the first one and shaking it to release the imaginary insect, he noticed that it was empty. Pollux took the other boot to perform an act that he sometimes decides to do. Shaking the boot he felt a vibration that surprised him. What is it? he thought, stretching out his arm.

Pollux held the boot as far from his body as possible, while he considered the situation. The insect stopped buzzing. There was no doubt that something was inside. Shaking the boot again, trying to free the insect, Pollux saw a two-inch-wide black wasp with yellow legs fall to the ground.

The insect was known as the devil’s horse by Pollux. This was how he was taught to call it since the first time he saw one. Pollux couldn’t contain his need to see a sign in everything—only this time it was… different. This sign did not come with the sweet angelic voice that Pollox is now used to hearing.

The devil is a sore loser.

That was the only explanation. If following the signs, left by God as breadcrumbs, were the right path, then the devil must be tired of his failed plots. That was the only explanation. The devil’s horse on his boot was a declaration of war. At least that’s what Pollux decided to believe.

As the days passed and the traps became more difficult to avoid. Pollux realized that it was impossible to experience Heaven on Earth without serving the true God. What other alternative did he have?

Ignoring the signs of a distant God who can barely be felt. That idea was no longer an option for Pollux. He preferred to train his body for the traps that the devil had prepared for him.

Day after day he faced the same obstacles in different and surprising ways. It was as if the world was trying to stop him.

At that time, the giant creators still walked through the fuchsia meadows of their crops. They were in charge of supplying all the needs so that their creations could dedicate their time to the joy of life. In the same way that God does with his creations. It was a wonderful world in which creations lived in harmony. Of course, the harmony of the wilderness has always had its dangers.

Freedom was shared between the creations of the giants and God. The kingdoms were in a constant peaceful war. Neither had the power to physically interfere with the land; there was no such thing as private property.

For humans, the world was not so dangerous. They enjoyed the teachings of the creators, while the smaller creations fed and protected them. The giants decided to make their creations nomadic. Their purpose was simply to grow and show God that they could be part of the delicate balance.

Pollux remembered the trap—the sting of a devil’s horse could have been fatal. His path had led him into the depths of the jungle. Animals constantly stalked the territory—a wound that immobilized you for a couple of hours is fatal in this land.

Of course, that kind of problem was irrelevant to him. Pollux was under the protection of the creators. Various species of pets lived around humans, they took care of everything, even finding insects inside boots.

The chances for one of God’s creations to approach Pollux were slim. On the other hand, the demons that inhabit nature were a common topic of conversation among humans. Those creatures are different from others. Energetic beings who feed by transforming their environment. The influences of a demon could destroy nature.

The human camps were enough to protect nature from demons. That was important to the giant creators. They decided to protect God’s creation to show their appreciation for the knowledge they have gained over the years. The giants knew that without nature knowledge would simply disappear, thus protecting knowledge became the most important task.

Pollux looked up to see an insect fly up and disappear behind the jungle leaves. Getting rid of this demon has become an arduous task, he thought.

After finishing equipping his armor, Pollux walked away from the camp. His work in the jungle had been a great help. A previously devastated area now looks beautiful. Pollux used his time to train on a hill. That was all that mattered. This was how he helped the deities of the earth.

The energy manipulation ability that Pollux had developed allowed him to see the electromagnetic fields that revolve around all things. He could see the places where the energy of the deities was weak.

On that morning, while training with his sword, he saw something he had never seen before.

A black-colored electromagnetic field appeared a few steps away from him. Pollux took a step back to search for the source of this energy—electromagnetic fields only exist around objects. How is this possible? he wondered. Pollux took another step backward when he noticed the black cloud growing.

“State your purpose,” Pollux demanded, without an answer.

The cloud grew faster and began to move like a black liquid coming out of its center while hovering a few feet above the ground.

Realizing the possibility of danger, Pollux took yet another step back. What’s that?

The energy grew and thickened until it took shape. Pollux watched in amazement as the electromagnetic field lost its transparency—now he could see a manifestation of the field in the physical realm. The black liquid began to take the shape of a round body with two large arms. The floating liquid fell, as a large rock, on the ground.

Pollux took a step back when he saw the demon take shape. The creature rose defiantly to its feet, its hand resting on a sheathed sword. Pollux could feel the demon’s gaze.

The red-skinned creature roared as it drew its flaming-bladed sword.

Pollux took a deep breath as he held his sword in front of him. I’m ready for anything.

The creature’s claws finished taking shape, then the spikes of its back looked solid as metal.

Pollux noticed that the creature was becoming increasingly agitated. What are you going to do?

The demon continued to look directly into Pollux’s eyes. Something was about to happen.

The deities of the area also noticed the situation. All of them carefully analyzed the creature that appeared out of nowhere—the physical manifestation of a demon. They all seemed to agree that this was the dark energy that haunts nature.

Pollux’s heart was pounding. His eyes focused on the demon’s next move. The creature jumped. Pollux took a big breath—the surrounding deities lent their energy to him—somehow, he managed to deflect the demon’s attack with his sword.

Pollux accepted the battle and allowed his instincts to lead him to destroy his opponent.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad my story was able to kindle your imagination and that you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, and for your support and encouragement. I hope to continue to spark your imagination with more of my work in the future.

  1. This is such a lively physical storytelling of the spiritual world! love the slow motion picture you’ve drawn here of mystical battle. So powerful and different! keep writing, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great stuff, unfortunately sometimes following instincts, intuition and mystical events of life , result in destroying your inner self, and you become your own opponent, fighting against your self.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and for reading my story. Glad you found it thought-provoking. Appreciate the encouragement to write a novel. I’ll keep working hard and hope to have one ready for you in the future. Thanks for the support.

    1. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the story and appreciate your positive feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Your encouragement means a lot to me. Keep an eye out for more of my work in the future.

  3. You do such a good job at immersing the reader in another world.
    This was my favorite line: “The giants knew that without nature knowledge would simply disappear, thus protecting knowledge became the most important task.“
    Thanks for the lovely read!

  4. I appreciate the imagination required to create alternative realities and fictional characters, though I seldom write fiction myself. You are a very gifted writer, Sebastion! Your story is well-paced and suspenseful with vivid details that make it make it easier for the reader to suspend disbelief. Your illustrations are very well-chosen and your website is attractively designed. I seldom read fantasy, but your work is very impressive!

  5. Love this piece! You have the ability to create fantasy through a real-life tone of actual possibility to the unknown of what is beyond us.

    Your creativity takes us on a journey
    of imagination that stretches into layers of extraordinary reflection.

  6. The relevance of your writings to the world in which we live does not escape me, many of us are Pollux, on this journey with God against evil (I guess this can be relevant to anyone of any time, but now certainly seems more relevant and strikes a chord). And perhaps, the manifestation of such demons is not so far from the truth? This world we live in is not what I once thought it was, it is a fantasy world within itself. Thank you for highlighting the plights many of us face (even if our demons aren’t manifested such as this), and also for your encouraging words given me in the past. Keep up the good work brother.

  7. I’m liking Pollux and the deities who surround him and have an eye. They can provide comfort in the down and backup in the fight in future Pollux tales. Definitely future Pollux tales as surely this Demon isn’t the last.

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