Dark Light
In the journey towards freedom, there always arise obstacles that serve as guides for those awake to their true meaning. Let life guide you to the future you are destined to create.

Shiera stood gazing at the vast plain of opportunities that life had laid before her. In the distance, she could make out a bit of the ocean’s coast. Birds owned the sky, while along a narrow dirt road, a lone steampunk vehicle kicked up a cloud of dust. Shiera lifted her gaze to lose herself in an ocean of knowledge.

Who was she to deny the world the chance of an interstellar dance with Shiera? Life lost its meaning. Years of work and dedication had brought her to the prestigious rank of dragon handling master. Memories began to fall on her face like droplets of water.

Shiera felt a tear roll down her cheek. This was not what she had committed to. Looking after young Jenna had been enough, but now, she had to endure the presence of the Soulless One. Shiera was weary. She longed to fly among the clouds in search of a sign, serving only the god of war, ready to descend at the slightest hint of danger.

Shiera raised her hands to feel the handles of her twins axes; they hungered for blood. The Soulless One was hidden within the delicate walls of an inn. Shiera had to wait for her to emerge.

Eventually, Jenna and Kasha left the inn in search of their next adventure, unaware that Shiera was enraged. The two saw the warrior of the Crimson Soul clan charging towards them. Kasha knew this was not a battle she could escape; her life was on the line. So she raised her dark orb scepter, and a giant hand made of skulls emerged from the ground, seizing Jenna and pulling her away from the battlefield.

Shiera approached swiftly, her gaze fixed on the eyes of the Soulless One, certain this would be one of the toughest opponents she had ever faced. She came close enough for her axes to kiss the delicate skin of Kasha’s face. Of course, she was ready.

Darkness worked in wondrous ways around Kasha. Regardless of how misguided her decision might be, the darkness always chose rightly. Thus, tentacles replaced Kasha’s form.

Shiera sliced through them, only to find herself surrounded by a cascade of blood. This was abnormal, so she leaped away from the blood just as she heard a meteor crash to the earth, followed by an explosion. Shiera felt her body forcefully thrown through the air and, with a swift move, brought her fingers to her lips to whistle.

The sound of the whistle pierced the tumult of the explosion that continued to carry Shiera through the air. Meanwhile, Kasha watched proudly as the giant elemental of stone rose. But something was different. It burned with black flames. The rocks seemed to have shadows dancing upon them. And its eyes… its eyes were filled with darkness.

Shiera spun in the air to see the creature rise, and shortly after, she felt the skin of her loyal dragon, and the two began to fly.

Kasha gazed at the dragon and remembered the one she had faced before. A dragon without a rider. A being consumed by darkness, one that she couldn’t control despite her attempts. Kasha also remembered the sound it made when the dragon lost its life. Now it was different. The dragon had a rider.

Shiera eyed her target to calculate the precise moment to jump and let herself fall. The air rushed through her hair at high speed, and she spun with an axe in each hand. In the distance was her target. The Soulless One. Shiera had to do something about it.

Kasha watched in surprise as the warrior spun in the air while falling. It was obvious the attack was aimed at her, Kasha was certain. So she made the first decision in the entire fight. “Is this what you want?” she shouted and lifted her scepter.

The ground seemed to ignite in flames, and as if the surface burning was a liquid, a grotesque creature emerged.

Shiera knew at that moment that she would be unable to reach her target and changed her aim. The monster positioned itself between the two. Shiera used her momentum to attack.

The creature, surprised at being summoned to the world of the living, did not expect to be attacked immediately. Shiera’s strike was almost fatal.

Kasha let the fire consume the creature to send it back to Xanuy.

“You use your pets as shields,” said Shiera. “Very honorable of you.”

Kasha’s gaze changed completely. It was obvious that a warrior mentioned honor in a fight without rules to provoke her.

Two portals appeared behind Kasha. Immediately, a blade emerged from each portal. The black metal moved too fast.

Shiera dodged the first attack and deflected the other with her axe. Then she started to run. “No more of your games.” ”

Kasha was ready to defend herself, summoning another of her creatures from Xanuy. But this one had never before been seen in Eden.

Shiera was taken aback by the colors that shimmered behind the creature. As if a red rainbow sprouted from its spine. The creature’s lower body, keeping its four limbs against the ground, gave it the appearance of a leopard. Except its size, larger than a horse, made it an spectacle to see.

The creature faced Shiera. It growled, showing its fearsome fangs. Shiera needed to stop Axo, her dragon, before it was too late. First, she had to find out what this monstrous creature was capable of.

Kasha smiled, noticing the reaction. “Are you willing to risk your dragon just to teach me a lesson?”

Shiera knew her feeling of hatred for the Soulless One wouldn’t fade easily, but it simply wasn’t worth it. “You win this time,” said Shiera.

“I hope someday you understand that I had no choice,” said Kasha. “I tried everything I could, but whatever they did to it was irreversible.”

Shiera turned and walked away.

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