Dark Light
A knight and his group of adventurers in search of the solution to the problem of a nation in crisis.
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  1. Hi, Sebastian! This is the first time I noticed an English version, so the previous ones I have not read. Therefore, I felt like I was coming in at the middle, not knowing the characters or their circumstances which let to this battle. But it sounds like part of a movie I would have fun watching.
    Thanks for sending your work to me.
    Penny Dubin

    1. I haven’t been posting in English, but I finally decided to translate all my short stories—and you don’t have to worry, most of them are standalone works of art. Feel free to visit anytime, and I hope you continue enjoying my creations.

  2. Hi Sebastian, what a great story teller you are! Your story is so visual, so enthralling to read, that I can’t wait to read your other posts. And your website is such a great companion to your fiction.

  3. I’m glad they are in English now so I can read them. The genre is not a favorite of mine, therefore, not one I typically read, but your writing definitely shows great potential. You draw your reader into the action very well. I think people who read this fantasy genre would like it!

  4. Sebastian, thank you for visiting my site. I have browsed your work and it is creative. I believe your excursions into creative expression about what you cannot suppress are meant to appeal to those who gravitate to darker imagery. To be sure, the darkness is real; and the battle is real. Your work accentuates the conflict with gravely picturesque strokes on a canvas you have described as fiction. I wonder how many readers relish identifying with “Finn Fiend” and actually raise a cheer for him because of the creativity in your fiction. Feels like mind games to me; but then, I am unwaveringly devoted to God who is the Author of all our good gifts. Cloaking truth with that which appeals to base appetites and grizzly fascinations is painful to me. If you decide to continue following my blog, I hope you will find my site to be a place that speaks openly, boldly and with grace about eternally significant issues in our temporary dusty existence this side of glory.

  5. Do you really read our sites? That is amazing. I like your stories I hope to be even an millimeter as good. I also love the pictures you display. Are they yours? ( bashful) I’ve kept some in my library. Thank you

  6. got to catch up with you, after sometime. Read your narrative. You do write, didn’t know you then. I did read. Like the graphics. More of an artist, than a writer? Definitely, another world.

  7. Hello Sebastian,
    The story is really engaging. I find pleasure reading for you and I will continue doing so.
    I also find the layout of your blog comfortable for my eyes.
    Thank you!

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