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Chase Bigger Dreams
abril 29, 2014|Short Story

Chase Bigger Dreams

In search of inspiration I came across sites and online groups that left a sour taste. I found lack of communication between groups of writers, but I found hundreds of links to their book sale site. It made me think if all writers end up like that, I wonder in writing has the only purpose of selling. I rather live in a world where telling a story is satisfaction enough.

As many writer, I started telling the stories that came to mind to family and friends. I was that guy who always had a story to tell, effortless could entertaining a group. My story’s essence was entertain but they always had a piece of me, a piece of my philosophy, eventually it was important to sharing my views. There was a message on every story, a message that was well hiding underneath a joke or a statement. I didn’t have the power to reach as much people as I wanted, that is why I started writing.

This ideas are no more than the future of the information I have acquired through my stay on Earth. We could say these ideas are the result of our perspective. Maybe I experience life in a way no one should to know everything I know. That is why I give you my tales hoping someone can benefit from them.

I’m the result of my experiences and they are yours. The world is full of wonders and there is no need to place a copyright over them. Without your days around others and interactions with them we will still be a blank page filled with nothing. We are here to uncover a biggest secret that has being hidden. This is our test we should share all the reliable information with love, we can live this place alive, let’s make the most out of it.

Writing is art and as such is here to send a message, we are artistic by nature. Trying to hide it is not well taken by ourselves, lets start being true to our needs and believes. Being small enrich us but growing endlessly make us weak and easy to fall.

We are living in a world that won’t satisfy our needs and yet we fight to keep it untouched. We are afraid to think of what would happen if the system collapses, knowing life is a lot harder that we have experienced. Just a hundred years ago life was highly physical and now we go to gyms and exercise

What have we become and where are we heading, just doing things for ourselves. We are endless generators of wealth yet we don’t have the time to make a short six month trip to visit our parents.

I’m not about to change but only time can tell. It’s too late for me, I’m thirty and can’t become part of the system. Not working and following my dreams have taken me far. One of the them was moving to Ecuador and it became the best decision I have made.

I wish you luck on your fight, hoping you find what you are looking for under tons of dollar bills.

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