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Embrace Your Nature
abril 11, 2014|Short Story

Embrace Your Nature

The answer never was at grip of women nor their controlling nature. We have found ourselves under their influence, following their every demand. Our limited views and lack of senses has lead men to follow on women’s footstep. We are eager to gain control over them and the world, unable to see that control was gave by our lack of self-respect. We are embracing the biggest problem our world has had.

Men’s nature is the building block of harmony that hundreds of years of control haven’t change. We embrace challenges and commit to them without notion of consequences. The lack of men has led an empty world where women made decisions. We are only peon in life’s game and letting them make all the moves. There are few men that follow their path with no regard for anything and even fewer who are willing to teach our youth. Life does not revolves around making enough cash to satisfy the needs we create on ourselves.

As a society we are lost, chasing dreams that are not our own. Following the path of people who are clearly lost; who are in desperate need of a guide. Communication lead us to believe life is an endless circle of self-gratification and only by filling those imaginary holes we can complete ourselves. There are billion humans on Earth and some strange sense of pride forces us to bring kids to a world that can’t provide for the ones we have.

We are unable to see the errors and repeat them every day, eagerly and anxious. We have found ways to experience undeserved pleasure and therefore ended pursuing the source of it. Mankind is doomed to disappear unless we start working together toward a common goal. A goal that benefit the specie.

There is much to talk about female nature and its outcomes, our world lives under their control. Granted control we have given knowingly and willingly. We should stop for a moment and analyze ourselves, our nature. Men is a magnificent creation, we can spent our entire life on an endless task with an outcome that only benefits our community. We can’t see beyond our task, and our senses are tuned with the only purpose of delivering it.

I can’t understand the need to endlessly chase after a mate when all that you need is follow your path. Eventually a woman who understand your importance to society will admire your and conceptually give her life for you.

Embrace your nature.

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