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Good or Bad
abril 4, 2014|Short Story

Good or Bad

Life, as we know it, has many unanswered questions left for us to find. We struggle walking a path without proof of it being right or wrong. Life would be easier if someone would tell us what to do, but we are here with our freewill. It’s hard to make sense of all the information we receive, even though we have become smarter than our ancestors we have not find the answer.

After doing a lot of thinking I have decided to have the novel main character look for this answer. His journey has long began and yet I don’t even know him. We should focus on creating his character, at least what we can. I have notices that we are farther away from answering the existence question that we have ever been. It only make sense to have the person how will find it as someone different from us. Different from the common human we find walking their path on Earth.

A normal human trade is the need of knowledge and that’s why the answer will be found without looking for it. Maybe not the best line to start as no one wants to hear does words. In the best case I completely crazy and there is nothing true about this point of view but it makes sense, for now. How ca we talk about someone with no appetite for knowledge without referring to the type of person who has lost his will to live. If that is the case our solution finder should enjoy being alive.

I like to think that he is happy to see every sunrise and thanks for a new day of experiences. He must become the type of person that is not working to satisfy his needs but the needs of others. I know it doesn’t sound like someone you know but maybe that type of persons still exist. You may ask yourself how can someone survives if everything he does is for others, how does he feed himself.

None of us are happy receiving charity, it doesn’t feel right, unless you are one of those preachers with big houses and fancy cars. The rest of us like to do things ourselves, if possible we would like to have enough to offer those in need of charity. Having this mind-set is hard to imagine a person that would only survive out of others. Yet we have a history as humans where we depended on other to survive. Eventually we had the need of being close to each other to protect our offspring from predators.

We don’t need to worry about protecting ourselves from anything other than ourselves. Having this new fear has led us to find comfort in solitude. It’s hard to find a large group of human working for a common cause, without thinking of their self-benefit. We have become an animal predator of its own kind.

I’m not blind of all the scientific advance we have achieved but if everything end by having to choose the life of other over yours. What will happened?

It’s too easy to part from the subject at hand, let’s get back at creating the main character of our story. He is the type of person that knows, sometimes the best thing you can say is nothing. Someone that you can have around and be happy to offer a spot at your table. You will remember him because you have a story to tell about him, like when he helped that girl you know and most people say he made a miracle.

Most miracles are just someone’s perspective of a certain action. We see miracles all the time but they are not especial for us in the way they are for someone else. In that sense we can be part of miracles. Deciding on being part of a miracle is what makes us human. We get back at freewill as if was a sickness we can’t cure by doing what we like.

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