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Power Corrupts
abril 2, 2014|Short Story

Power Corrupts

Since young I had hunger for knowledge and ease to digest information, these lead me to feel superior than those around me. I didn’t have use for my ability but using it gave me satisfaction and fulfillment. As time went on I began to notice others like me with certain skills at higher levels than my own, I saw them as challenges.

I looked forward at finding others with skills and it was always hard to beat them in their game. Not being able to proof myself better drove me into making unexpected life changes to follow their paths. Practice was proof that I could become better than them. My only reward was knowing I was able to better them on their fields.

The endless fight for growth toward every different made me lose footing. Like a dog chasing wheels I didn’t know what to do if I caught one. The world became a playground, and everyone within it was a toy. Success was easily reached and fooling people was the name of the game. I felt better than everyone and made them knew.

Eventually I couldn’t recognize the person I saw in the mirror. Many years passed and the uncontrollable growth took me to find question where I used to see answers. I began to ask myself why would I have turn into this creature. I started seeing things from a different perspective and found myself lost.

I stopped fighting against the positive skills of people around me and start seeing those aspect that made them feel small. It seems that every human sees more negative virtues that make them feel small and vulnerable. We all look for ways of seeing ourselves bigger, most of us try to diminish the rest. My aptitude was only making things worst and the sour taste on my mouth made me want to change.

Found ways to make those closest to me win the game, losing didn’t feel wrong as it was part of my growth. Understanding was the best result I could obtain as this lead me to understand myself. Years when on and every day I got closer to becoming the person I am, an insignificant being who doesn’t know more than anyone and is so small that knows every person has circumstances that made them who they are.

Knowledge can lead you to becoming humble but it’s not a requirement. In the last couple of years I have met people capable of offering their hand to strangers. People that didn’t have power or knowledge, at least thats how they appear.

Power corrupted me and the knowledge that granted me power, freed me when I discovered that I don’t need to know that ignorance is a virtud to take advantage of that virtud.

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