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The End
abril 2, 2014|Short Story

The End

We all have a twisted idea of the end and live in fear of it. The only way we can be sure the end won’t be as bad as we think is by filling ourselves of experiences, good and making our life in this forsaken place be as rewarding as possible. God sent us to this world to enjoy and be happy careless of its consequences because we are its best creation. Its hard for me to write this without a mocking smile, what type of a being can create a god to his image and likeness.

Nonetheless we are riding on a road to the end, an end we are not ready to face. Riding it while we believe God will forgive us from our lust, sloth, gluttony, anger, envy, greed and pride. Forgive us with no importance of the sons who were affected by this acts.

In hope of having reason because in the current world, and past world, is hard to find people that see the end as a goal to be achieved. A goal that must be obtain by a life of virtue, as a goal after our sacrifices and work. Without a doubt most of us are clunged to this world and its existence with fear of the unknown but with no desire to do anything about it.

Not knowing when or what will the end bring, not even knowing the size of the ruler that will jugde us. In reality we don’t even know if a ruler exists and maybe this existence is everything there is. Our only chance of existence, being able to be here is our price with the only proposit of satisfying our desires and its seems like we have to step of the rest as to achieve them.

Within this madness there are people who suffered their time in Earth to prove themselves worthy of returning to the Father presence. The problem is that these fairy tales matter nothing to us, we can’t sacrifice our happiness for a father we don’t know. Maybe exists and there is a small chance that we knew Him, but only you can find within if you knew him or not.

We are not too late to be able to do something and obtain the end we deserve. I wish you luck if your end in the world is the unmeasured satisfaction, unbearable suffering or any spot within. Luck because the only thing we know is that God loves us and no matter what we do we will receive what we want to receive.

Lets not confuse what we want to receive and what we show we want to receive. For everyone that enjoys this earthly paradise and fear the end let me tell you that there is nothing to worry. You will see this place again and will be able to enjoy it once and once again. God is righteous and if ask him to be part of this ship of water that rotates a giant incandescent ball of fire, I assure you that here is where you will endup.

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