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The Path
abril 3, 2014|Short Story

The Path

In time everyone has experienced having a path to follow. Most of us have tried to fight our path without success and eventually end up doing what we were supposed. The idea of having our life´s prearranged is not what we expect from life. The simple idea of being free to make our decisions and probably our mistakes is what we call freewill. It seems to me that most organizations are trying to force their ideas on us, even religious organizations have tried to make us do what they thinks is better for God or some other power. Sometimes I wonder if using our freewill is negative.

Control is the reason we are here, if we didn’t have the desire of control we could be part of a different world. We are on Earth and want to control our destiny is part of us. It seems that going against our nature is a way of being in denial of the law that rules us. Fighting our path is just part of human nature.

Eventually humans stopped doing what they should do. Maybe we always did the opposite of what we had to; too bad we don’t have the date of when all started. Some old book says that everything started with and fruit of some sort; I think it was more complicated. As if our mind couldn’t image a paradise where everything its done and we can’t make any decisions over our actions. We may never know the answer but maybe, just maybe, we know.

Freewill is a desire most of us have but if we end up doing what we should, why we have the need of using freewill. We are trying to make everything harder than it is and looking for pleasure in places that don’t work. I remember talking with person that fought all odd and fished an improbable task. Her reaction when she accomplished her task was “this is not what I expected�?. The real question is why we do this to our selves.

There is nothing wrong about choosing a road and taking it. Eventually everyone ends up getting to the spot they had to reach. It’s hard to understand our need to force ourselves to walk the hardest road. We just like to make life complicated.

Are we able to rewrite our path or just taking the long road to the same destiny?

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