Clash of Darkness

Desperate for a solution to the kingdom's problems, the knights of light risked everything in search of an unusual answer. Hoping that fate was on their side.

Gems of Freedom

In a dimension governed by strict laws that control all the activities of its inhabitants, the search for a new path is imminent.

A Path to Follow

Following the right path is not always in a straight line, there will be challenges along the way to help you achieve your goals.

Fumes of Glory

The adventure continues despite all the mishaps suffered by the heroes of the Kingdom of Glory; their journey to recover all that they've lost.

Outside Light

Life is an awakening that keeps happening, and so the characters of this story are forced to open their eyes to reality.

Borrowed Knowledge

Civilization has blindly chased a branch of study, ignoring all other fields of knowledge, even deeming them negative. However, the universe's mysteries are endless.

Crashing Wings

Happy New Year, I'd like to start with the right foot by sharing a story I wrote a few weeks ago. Maybe it is just a work of fiction or it hides a message to find our path.

Playing with Fire

The tale of a witch and the love her son had for the princess. A short story about the mistakes one could make when filled by hatred.

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