There are people who discover advantages in the least expected places. Making good use of them is a great way to develop their talents.

Paper Castle

Life would be different if we found a way to stop thieves from stealing our hard-earned money, and they would do whatever it takes to keep up with their scam.

Never Ending Hate

It's important that we find a way to break the cycle; there's time to accept others as we want to be accepted. Love is freedom.

Sailing through the stars

Thinking about a proper way to move in the void of space, I came with the idea of navigating the gravitational currents in a sailing type of way.

Reset button

There's a moment in life when the only thing one can do is forget about the troubles and relax.

Stone of Truth

In a time where the temperature has turned the world into a strange landscape, new creatures roam the red blazed fields.

The Invasion

Once upon a time, on a day very much like this one, a fleet of ships descended from…