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Sometimes situations seem like too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, even if they are. Enjoy a new adventure of the captain and his crew.

Clash of Darkness

Desperate for a solution to the kingdom's problems, the knights of light risked everything in search of an unusual answer. Hoping that fate was on their side.


Stepping back to admire the gifts of creation we might find ourselves led to a life of weakness. It is time to regain power.

Gems of Freedom

In a dimension governed by strict laws that control all the activities of its inhabitants, the search for a new path is imminent.

Future’s Cold Hand

By letting things take their course, it is possible to find unattainable surprises. Accepting your path is difficult when you can see mistakes in others.

Devil’s Trap

Lost within a labyrinth of his own mind, anyone can walk in circles for an eternity. Ideas are often unrelated to reality and tend to fall apart.

Brains over Brawn

Every step we take helps us understand our true nature. The dawn of a new era is upon us and we have to do our part for a smooth transition of power.

A Path to Follow

Following the right path is not always in a straight line, there will be challenges along the way to help you achieve your goals.

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