The Hunter

Being aware of our capability is all we need, it's necessary to stop and appreciate everything before continuing. Just like Simon when he woke up.

Fumes of Glory

The adventure continues despite all the mishaps suffered by the heroes of the Kingdom of Glory; their journey to recover all that they've lost.

Outside Light

Life is an awakening that keeps happening, and so the characters of this story are forced to open their eyes to reality.

Golden Adrenaline

The people closer to you are usually the ones who lead you to make the most radical mistakes, even if sometimes it’s necessary.

Between Land & Sea

The road to vindication begins even before we find an opportunity to prove it, only then can we be ready for anything.

Cheeky Gentleman

Life is for the brave, for those who are willing to risk their pride and be sincere. Leave fear behind and enjoy the ride.

Borrowed Knowledge

Civilization has blindly chased a branch of study, ignoring all other fields of knowledge, even deeming them negative. However, the universe's mysteries are endless.

Gates of Hope

The story of a trip that ended up becoming a nightmare for more than one person. Although some received just what they were looking for.

Sailing through the stars

Thinking about a proper way to move in the void of space, I came with the idea of navigating the gravitational currents in a sailing type of way.