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Between Fangs and Oblivion


Bored with her current situation, Kasha made the decision to step away from the weary life of an adventurer. She had just received the reward from King Surthur of the Blacksun Kingdom, one of the seven great realms. Being an adventurer had become mundane now that she had mastered her skills. Kasha was hoping for something nearly impossible to come along. She yearned for a greater evil than those that had plagued Eden to appear. Yet, the situation didn’t seem like it would change.

Kasha received her reward from King Surthur and looked with disappointment at the chest filled with gold coins. So many years as an adventurer had given her too many rewards to get excited about a few more coins. She was in search of something different, a new and unforgettable adventure. So, she raised her scepter with a glowing dark orb. Immediately, an aura of darkness surrounded her entirely—until everyone present saw only a flock of crows emerging from the portal and flying in all directions.

Ignoring the spectacle of horror she had caused in the midst of her meeting with King Surthur, after leaving behind the treasure she received for protecting the city from a fearsome dragon corrupted by the influence of darkness, Kasha simply vanished.

A portal of darkness opened in the middle of a grassy field surrounded by mountains. Kasha was back in the village where she was born. The place had the same seemingly lifeless demeanor. The same wooden houses and everything else appeared to be in its place. She had left her home many years ago when the wizards had requested to take her for a proper education. She was the only person for miles around who had awakened the magic within her.

From a very young age, Kasha could manipulate the elements, and it was obvious that her future was tied to Xawan—the academy of magic. But for her, nothing was enough. Kasha quickly found the work of a sorcerer to be trivial. Spells and elements became boring and meaningless to her. She found the answer her body craved in the dark arts.

Studying under the tutelage of Brock the Warlock taught her to view life from an unacceptable perspective for the mages. However, for Kasha, nothing was sufficient. Mastery of the elements, control over darkness, nothing seemed to satisfy her need to keep growing.

Kasha left behind a life to become one of the most powerful beings Eden had ever seen. She allowed life to stand in her way, and after years, she finally returned in search of something she had lost.

In the distance, the smoke rising from the chimneys of her old village was visible.

“What am I doing here?” Kasha wondered.

She looked around, realizing that if you dwell in the past, you’ll never find anything new, she reminded herself.

The desire for life to surprise her again seemed like an impossible reality to attain. She was destined to be the only one capable of surprising others. Kasha was beginning to wish that this journey through life in Eden would come to an end.

She gazed at the black glowing orb on her scepter. The eye of a demon that could have ended the lives of everyone in Eden. Her trophy from visiting Xanuy, the realm of darkness. That had to mean something to her. After all, it took months to find a blacksmith capable of crafting a scepter that could contain such darkness.

Yet, Kasha was still young. Her journey through Eden had been relatively short. She had achieved what many dreamed of and hadn’t even turned twenty-five. She was tired of competing in a race in which no one could match her. It was time to return to her homeland and follow the life her parents had left for her… when a horse came galloping out of the village.

Could it be Jenna? Kasha wondered and immediately raised her scepter. A circle of fire ignited on the ground, and one of the horses of the Knights of the Fire Wing emerged from the earth. The demonic creature appeared more dead than alive. Kasha took the reins and mounted the creature from which a cloud of black smoke emanated.

Kasha rode after her friend when she saw one of the dragons from the Crimson Soul clan land beside her friend.

What’s going on? Kasha though. After all, to rescue the Blacksun Kingdom, she had to fight against one of the dragon riders from the Crimson Soul clan. It would be too dangerous to approach without assessing the situation.

Kasha halted her steed. The creature fought against the reins to keep running. Kasha couldn’t afford to lose control of the creature, so she decided to change their course. A trail of smoke lingered behind them before they disappeared into the distance.

Kasha wondered what her friend Jenna could be doing with one of the warriors from the Crimson Soul clan. The darkness of the forest enveloped the surroundings, and Kasha finally managed to send her steed back to Xaniy.

Now alone, in the shadows of the forest, she considered using another portal to keep her friend in sight… when a creature with six eyes appeared before her.

The lurking monster was the reason why no one ventured into the forest. Few had seen the creature and lived to tell the tale. The creature was nothing more than an oversized wolf with six gleaming eyes, known as Qujus.

Kasha smiled as she spotted the creature. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for. She immediately aimed her scepter, and the black orb began to radiate darkness.

The fierce creature lunged with precision, closing the gap between it and the diminutive woman.

Kasha knew that in a fair fight, she wouldn’t stand a chance of emerging victorious. Life had changed too quickly, and for a brief moment, she closed her eyes to brace herself.

The Qujus felt the impact of the darkness, even though it couldn’t see the attack from the strange young woman who had invaded its territory. Like a leaf in the wind, it was sent crashing into a tree. The impact caused bits of wooden bark to rain down upon the creature.

Kasha knew that Qujus were feared for their control over darkness, beyond their sharp fangs and the strength of their limbs. Qujus possessed a strange ability that surfaced when they felt threatened.

The Qujus rose to its feet, its face now displaying anger. Its tail extended like a whip towards the intruder.

Kasha knew the first strike would be the most devastating, but she was prepared. Long arms sprouted from the earth as she readied her scepter again. Two out of the three tails were caught easily.

The Qujus focused its attention on the remaining tail, while a black flame surged between the hands holding its other tails.

Kasha closed her eyes once more. Fear was the only thing she couldn’t overcome. Before the tail could reach its target, a creature made of bones stopped the attack with its giant shield.

The Qujus regained control of its tails and vanished. At least, that’s what an untrained eye might have expected. Its agile movements brought it to the side of the intruder. This was the opportunity it had been searching for.

Kasha smiled. I’ve got you now. A cage made of bones ensnared the creature. The fury with which the Qujus slammed against the walls was incredible, although not enough to escape. Now, the difficult part began. Kasha had to subdue the creature or be forced to end its existence.

Caging a Qujus was a double-edged sword. It would do everything to break free and could destroy an entire village before its frenzy subsided. Kasha understood the risk, but capturing it was crucial.

The Qujus continued to slam against the walls of the cage, its rage growing until its eyes seemed to glow a crimson red.

Kasha had an opportunity. She approached the creature slowly. Mastering a beast of darkness required almost unattainable control. The eye of the demon would be the only way to demonstrate her power.

The Qujus stopped when it saw the young woman approaching. Its six eyes locked onto Kasha’s, and then she raised her scepter. The Qujus took a step back as if it sensed the gaze of a dragon. It attempted to retreat, but their gazes continued to intersect. The eye of the demon lurking.

Kasha decided that the moment had come to attempt to tame the prey. She lowered her scepter so the Qujus could see that she held it. The eye of a demon in the hand of a human was proof enough. She had dominion over the darkness.

The Qujus curled up, and its tails merged into one. Its body shrank, and its eyes reverted to two. Only a pup remained in its place. The cage vanished, and Kasha approached slowly, waiting for a response. The Qujus licked her hand.

About the author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.

Relato Corto Blog Fiction

About Author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.