Dark Light
Through time’s unfolding path, even the least expected can become a hero, forever changing history’s course.

In the realm of Draconious, during the dark era of the First Shine, the life of a wizard was fraught with hardship and peril. The emergence of magic had sparked a bitter conflict between those gifted with arcane abilities and those who feared and despised them. The few fortunate enough to possess the dormant power of magic were relentlessly hunted down and systematically exterminated. It was a time when magic itself was a rarity, and those who harbored its essence were forced to live in constant secrecy and concealment.

Amidst this oppressive backdrop, a legendary figure emerged—the enigmatic Leonidas, a prodigious young wizard who would later be hailed as the Father of Magic. At the tender age of fourteen, Leonidas found himself embroiled in the cataclysmic Broken Dream War—a bloody conflict that pitted armies against each other and ultimately led to the decimation of countless Draconian beings. It was a war where allies and adversaries clashed on colossal battlefields, and where the lives of innocent wizard children hung in the balance.

In those turbulent times, magic was still a nascent phenomenon, with no established masters to guide and pass down their knowledge to the next generation. Many young wizards struggled to harness their powers consciously, their abilities raw and untamed. However, Leonidas possessed a remarkable command over his own gifts, far surpassing his peers in both skill and understanding.

As the Broken Dream War reached its climax, the desperate situation seemed all but lost for the allied forces knowned as the Phoenix Shield. They were ill-equipped, lacking the sophisticated weaponry of gunpowder or steam-powered war machines. Instead, their arsenal consisted solely of simple yet ingeniously devised catapults, along with a strategic abundance of water. It was an unconventional approach to warfare, but Leonidas harbored a audacious plan.

With unwavering conviction, Leonidas orchestrated a daring maneuver that would alter the course of the war. He commanded the allied army to unleash their catapults, launching a barrage of water into the sky. As the liquid soared towards the heavens, its trajectory guided by the careful calculations of the young wizard, a sense of impending calamity loomed over the opposition.

And then, at the crucial moment when victory hung in the balance, Leonidas unleashed his unparalleled mastery of air magic. A frigid breeze, born from the depths of his affinity for the element, swept through the atmosphere, instantly freezing the cascading water droplets suspended in mid-air. The air crackled with an otherworldly energy as the icy cloud, once destined to plummet down upon the enemy ranks, was now transformed into a thousands of frozen shards raining down on the unexpected army.

Fear and trepidation gripped the opposing army as they witnessed this astonishing display of magical prowess. Their hearts sank, and a realization took hold—the power of the wizards could not be denied any longer. In that pivotal moment, the opposing forces recognized the futility of their resistance, and the inevitability of their defeat. A desperate plea for peace echoed across the battlefield, as they acknowledged the rightful place of the wizards within the realm of Draconious.

Thus, the Broken Dream War reached a sudden and unexpected conclusion—a resolution founded not on bloodshed and annihilation, but on the indomitable spirit of a young wizard who dared to defy the odds. Leonidas had become a symbol of hope, bridging the chasm that separated magic and non-magic, and ushering in a new era of acceptance and understanding. His extraordinary feat of elemental mastery not only secured the survival of his kind but also laid the foundation for a future where wizards would no longer be hunted, but rather revered as an integral part of the fabric of Draconious.

And so, the name of Leonidas, the Father of Magic, would be etched in the annals of history—a beacon of inspiration for generations to come, reminding all that in the face of adversity, the extraordinary can arise from the most unexpected of places, forever altering the course of destiny itself.

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