Dark Light
A failed attempt of describing a place I don’t know and can’t understand. I hope it helps you see how strange my thought can turn when I let them.

The cosmos was filled with millions of bright lights spinning and dancing in a symphonic eternal melody, surrounded by a deep, lively white light that left no room for darkness. Perfection existed here for countless thousands of endless times, and if there was ever a moment of oblivion, it would be a perfect emptiness that no light beings dared to enter until the glow of another lit it up again.

Before the light, there was a being who saw the immaculate creation as it turned flawlessly. The beings of light, born from his mantle, brought harmony to the chaos as they burst with spotless splendor within the abyss. Time was fiction, and all that existed between perfection and destruction was the pendulum of time, which was never contained by the abyss. Those lost in the perfect construction longed to shine with intense brightness, expressing their love through light. The sparks, conceived without ambition, shone from the creator’s mantle, and it took only the flutter of lightning to create endless eons within the divine creation and its gleam.

A thousand ages passed in the endless cosmos before the first word was ever spoken, and the most intricate language was shaped in an instant, allowing communication among the magnificent drops of light who had always been, never were, and always will be. An endless ocean of unattainable knowledge was created, and boundless quantities of information were gathered by those whose appetites became limitless as they delved into the unknown and forbidden.

New beings of light grew and spread, covering themselves with their magnificent discoveries and unaware of the dimming light around them. Their uncontrolled growth shifted the balance and pushed even the brightest beams of light out of the way. The chaos of existence was never-ending, but its harmonious essence began to displace those obstructing the growth of the beings of darkness. Struggling to emerge, the faint rays of light were obstructed by the magnificent vestments of those who never shone brightly. The beings of darkness, admired by many for their greatness and overflowing shadows, were only understood by a few who were able to grasp their splendor without being consumed by their greedy paths.

As time passed and millennia were consumed by obsessive pursuits, the beings of light were transformed into pure darkness. The creatures born from this process cast overwhelming shadows, turning them into grotesque shades of darkness. The lonely beings of darkness had no one but themselves and their insatiable thirst for knowledge. They traveled to every corner, leaving nothing but obscurity in their wake, and searched for those who could cast doubt on their absolute theories. Only those with greater knowledge had the answers for those in doubt, and over time, only those with power were considered right. The largest beasts of darkness became lost in layers of knowledge, forming shells, while scarce rays of light fought to escape and shine with their full strength.

Observing and shocked, the beings of light escaped the path of destruction of the fallen monstrosities. They turned the celestial chaos’s delightful tune into a harsh, strident melody, and only a few rays of light remembered the beautiful delight that existence once was. Meanwhile, the abyss searched for balance, turning all remaining bits of light into smaller, but brighter beings. Born from light, the brighter beings brought balance to the cosmos, shining around those casting shadows. Creation was almost corrected, and the newfound balance brought war to their doorstep.

The vociferous nature of darkness reached its limit, and growth could no longer be achieved on its own. Desperate for balance, the beings of darkness turned to the brightest beings, seeking to extinguish their light and absorb their knowledge. The beings of light, with their pure and boundless love, fought against the greed of the darkness, using their knowledge and strength to protect themselves and their loved ones. The war between light and darkness raged on, but the love and unity of the beings of light eventually triumphed over the greed and selfishness of the darkness.

As the war came to an end, the cosmos was once again filled with harmony and balance. The bright lights continued to dance and play, surrounded by the deep, lively white light. The beings of light lived in unity and peace, sharing their knowledge and love with one another. The darkness was not completely eradicated, but it was no longer a threat to the balance of the cosmos.

The being who was light before the light watched over the creation with pride, knowing that his mantle had brought harmony and balance to the chaos. The beings of light, born from his mantle, had fought bravely and selflessly to protect their way of life, and in the end, they were able to restore the perfection of the cosmos. And so, the eternal melody of the cosmos played on, filled with joy and love, as the bright lights continued to dance and shine.

    1. It is a gift to be able to write like this about the origin and light of souls and their falling into darkness but still with the light of God prevailing. This appears to me to be a vision from God and a gift not just your imagination. .

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