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It takes time to acquire the necessary skills to jump into the abyss. Better to stay calm and enjoy life until you discover your game.

Jenny entered a restaurant with a relaxing freshness all around. She walked with confidence while looking for the man that had caught her attention. Duke was a glimmer of light. She had to take a chance. She had to know more about him.

There were a good number of people scattered around the restaurant. Jenny felt safe surrounded by strangers.

Duke was stronger than the men Jenny used to date, but leaner than those she had seen before. His presence intimidated her, although she was taller than most women.

“You look even more beautiful than I remembered,” Duke said, approaching her from behind.

Jenny turned around. The curves of her body were perfectly adorned with a pair of faded black rag and bone jeans, leather jacket with a white blouse and sparkly snake print heels.

“Shall we find a place to sit,” Duke said, and held out his hand.

Jenny slightly leaning backwards. Then, she pressed her heels firmly and placed her hand over Duke’s.

They slowly walked through the restaurant, until Jenny let go of Duke’s hand. He stopped and turned, then chose the table next to her.

“Please, allow me,” Duke said, grabbing her chair to move it for her.

Jenny looked at him… imagining the reason for his actions. Then, she accepted his help and sat in the chair he had chosen for her.

“Love the outfit,” Duke said, walking to the opposite side of the small circular table. “You look ready for anything.”

“A girl has to be prepared.”

“You’re pulling it off.”

“You like it?” she asked, raising her left shoulder.

“I’m totally checking you out,” he said.

Jenny blushed.

“What is that?” Duke asked, reaching toward her neck with his hand.

Jenny paused, her eyes widened. Looking at Duke’s hand approaching.

“Nice necklace,” he said pointing with a finger. “Can I touch it?”

“Sure…” Jenny said, unconsciously leaning backwards.

“What is it made of?” he asked, touching the necklace on Jenny’s neck.

“It’s leather,” she said.

“Tell me,” Duke said, leaning back on his chair. “Do you like the beach?”

“I love it,” she replied.

“We should go,” he said, “I know a place that you’re going to love.”

“Oh yeah, where is it?”

“It’s not far from here…” he replied. “Would you like to try something tasty tonight?”

Jenny looked at him curiously.

“This place has delicious oysters.”

“You’re kidding,” Jenny said.

“Let’s have a platter of that and something to drink,” Duke said. “How about sparkling wine?”

Jenny smiled. “Okay. I like that!”

“You’re going to love this place.”

“I’m liking it so far,” Jenny said.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Duke said, and stood up. “I’ll be back in an instant.”

Jenny looked quizzically at Duke walking away. He reached a man in a chef uniform and greeted him. Then, both of them turned to walk over to Jenny.

“So…you’re the famous Jenny,” Duke’s friend said. “I presume.”

“That’s me,” Jenny said from her seat.

“I’m Dirk and I’ll be preparing your food tonight.”

“It’s my pleasure, chef,” Jenny said, and gently bowed.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Dirk said, then turned towards Duke. “Take good care of my friend. There are few like him left in the world. Enjoy your evening.”

“You two seem to know each other very well.”

“He’s an old friend,” Duke said, returning to his chair. “Tell me something about you.”

“I’m glad that I agreed to go out with…”

An explosion interrupted Jenny and the rest of the people in the restaurant. Then, a bright light illuminated the interior of the restaurant. Immediately followed by another explosion.

Most people froze with the sound and blinding light. But, Duke grabbed Jenny by the hand. “Follow me.”

Jenny couldn’t understand what was going on. She ran after Duke, held firmly by his strong hand.

Another explosion shook the building and both of them lost their balance running up the stairs. Duke took Jenny’s hand to keep the two of them from falling. “Are you okay?”

Jenny looked at him. “I’m fine.”

The two continued up the stairs. Finally, they reached the rooftop door and Duke opened it.

Jenny couldn’t believe the light show that lit up the sky. The explosions continued and the sky was dressed in colors. “What is this?”

“From the first time I saw you…there is something about you that I can’t decipher. All I know is that being close to you makes me feel good. It’s as if your aura gives out happiness.”

Jenny watched him as fireworks lit up the sky behind.

“I’m so happy for this opportunity to be close to you.”

Jenny smiled. “Well…what are we going to do about it?”

Duke licked his lips, his gaze lost to Jenny’s beautiful smile. He reached her lower back and kissed her.

  1. Reminds me of a time long ago….when we pretended we cared-so we filled the air with empty talk, and got along great….but now it’s all about debate and hate.

    Light vs Darkness

    Back then we were high, we cared about one thing more than anything else- our own self. So we got along. But the moment things went beyond the superficial pleasantries- of our own selves- the disparity became evident.

    Light vs Dark

    Willing to change vs Not willing to

    Equally yoked vs Not equally yoked

    If you are light, yes….the darkness will appeal to your senses….to your PHYSICAL BODY like a sexual magnet 🧲, don’t do it. Listen and run. I don’t care how sexy they are, how turned on they make you feel. Run!

  2. 👏 beautiful work, a romantic. I love it. And btw, thank you for your support. Always nice to know who I am on that journey with 💗

  3. Good story, but you started with a squinting modifier in the first sentence. Are you describing the girl or the restaurant, or both? Cut down on wordiness not stating or overstating the obvious in dialog. You have a good balance of show and tell. Stephen King’s On Writing is an excellent and entertaining read on all this criticism. Remember, grammar is important, even in fiction. But all in all this is the germ of a good short story.

  4. A delightful account of a courtship ritual of today’s young. However, I assume the flirtatious subtleties and refinements of the words used in the original Spanish version might have been lost in translation.

  5. The fascinating name of your characters intrigues me. You can sum up an entire lifetime on one page. Without missing a beat, you are a particular person with an air of mystique.

  6. Hello Sebastian, I just want to say that your website interface is really beautiful, it’s very unique in my eyes. English is not my native language, please forgive me if there are any mistakes

  7. Amazing bro ! Btw i am wishgamer and yesterday i created am website and thank you so much for giving me the awesome support 👍

    1. Ya , he was the one who has also supported me by becoming first visiter to my website . I think he do to all . I’m wright ” Iturralde ” . But thank from my whole heart

  8. Yep !
    Citizen of beautiful planet ” Iturralde ”
    You always take in another level !
    awesome noodles 😂

  9. You are such a versatile writer! “All about the Fireworks” and “Crashing Wings” are so different and yet you manage to intrigue readers equally in both genres.

  10. Love the details of what she’s wearing and the intimate setting, the explosion gives a nice twist but I felt like I needed more and didn’t want it to end 🙂

  11. The story captures my imagination of thay romantic love I used to read about as a child in my Harlequin romance novels. Thank you!

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