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Before time had an archive of everything that happened, long before we knew what made us human—there was a tribe in the middle of nowhere.

Neil left the village early morning, this was an important day for him and his family. Despite the dangers lurking away from the tribe, Neil was happy with his mission.

It was common for the members of the tribe to collect red fruits in the forest. Especially when it was for the benefit of the group—today he had to go, search, collect and return with two baskets filled with fruits. Something simple, actually.

Neil was young and knew little about the world and its dangers. Although, he knew enough to walk with attention, looking from one side to another—studying his surroundings.

Despite the hard work of the strongest members of the tribe, beast invasions were common. However, this was not his first time away from the village. His father taught him the way of the stealthy hunter, walking without a noise—to way.

Patience, one of the most important attributes to survive in the wild. The tribe looked for a way to minimize risks—to have a long and prosperous life. Using this attribute Neil saw Jules walking the short distance between the village’s fence and the stream.

This wasn’t the first time Neil had looked at her with desire, it had actually been some time since he began to notice Jules’ alluring appearance. Her thick hips and developing busts, Neil couldn’t control his desires for her and moved closer.

Jules saw him coming out of the bushes and was shocked. Stopping immediately.

Neil smiled, shrugging.

Jules shook her head in disagreement and turned to continue towards the creek.

Neil reached over and patted her shoulder.

Jules stopped and turned to look at him, noticing that his friend couldn’t stop staring at her bare breasts.

Neil reached with his fingers and touched it.

Jules looked curiously at Neil trailing a finger around her areola and turned.

Neil looked up, meeting Jules’ beautiful eyes, but he couldn’t control himself and looked down to see her ravishing lips.

Jules was confused by the strange interaction, and felt Neil’s hands sliding down her sides.

Neil continued touching Jules’s torso until he reached her hips. A peculiar sensation took over his body, admiring her curves ignited a force he hadn’t felt before.

Jules saw, with surprise, the small piece of skin hanging between Neil’s legs filled with blood. This was unusual, although she had seen them before, this was the first time she had one up close. And, without thinking she lowered her hand and grabbed it.

Neil opened his eyes and mouth when he felt cold fingers.

Jules pulled her hand away with his reaction.

Neil fell silent for a moment and then took Jules’s hand and pulled it towards him.

Jules was surprised by how hot it was, and she noticed how much Neil enjoyed her touch. She continued, carefully discovering his limits.

Neil got lost in pleasure, closing his eyes and grabbing one of Jules’s breasts.

They continued to discover their bodies. Feeling something they didn’t know existed, enjoying the caresses of one another.

After a few minutes, steps in the distance brought them back to the present. Neil noticed how large he got, it was time to find a place and hide before someone saw him. He grabbed Jules’s hand, looked into her eyes, and left.

Jules stood alone, trying to understand the sensation running through her veins. She took her pots and walked towards the stream.

  1. Thanks for the like + all the best with your writing, Sebastian

    “waking up sleepy-head” c

    Best wishes from the Fist City to see the light

  2. I love your concept of how you make us see the world through your lens. This could be the only true blogger, I am a follower. Like it, keep writing. But I have a challenge for you. You like to travel, I like to write poems about it. You could guess the country, and I could read your stories and guess where you might have been. (The only blogger, I truly love to read, and I try to keep it real)

    Are you up for the challenge?

  3. I put this story on my page about adult dating and tips for doing things better with it… and it’s just a very small page with several viewers….. and I love the story. And let me know if that is alright to put a paragraph or a story occasionally on my facebook page….. for Melanie Knapp……. thanks MELANIE

    1. I really appreciate you rebloging my story and you’re welcome to continue sharing it, Melanie. Just make sure to add my story’s url on your posts for reference.

  4. You’ve captured the very raw, sometimes awkward, and quite primal reality of genuine sexual attraction. It’s nothing like the stylised portrayals in Hollywood films or predictably cheesy TV series.

      1. Good point, Sebastian. I’ve never written a screenplay or TV series and also realise the novelist and short story writer has greater scope with prose, not just dialogue.

  5. This is an older post from 2020. I can see progress in your writing because the story is mainly telling. Poe was the master of telling, but because of the visual medium we are all exposed to, showing seems more natural.

  6. Oh yes don’t we all have such fond memories of that first encounter touch, that first exploration of each others genitals, Who does not remember the rising heat we felt and after that, it would never be the same again.

  7. I wish I could read your work in the Spanish. There is something clumsy about your translated prose, and a few grammatical errors. I won’t point them out, but suggest you try reading the text out loud and listening for a smooth flow and a build up of tension, before the resolution.
    Keep it up, practice will help you to become truly fluent. Dr. Bob

  8. an amazing story with an unexpected ending that leaves the readers feel sorry for the intrusion of someone between Neil and Jules.Moreover,the metaphor of river is the most amazing one

  9. I love your stories. In all my years, I’ve only published two shorts. I keep trying, but not my strong suit. I suppose it will be the personal writings for me. Anyhew, thanks for liking my blog posts! Carry on, you provide hope:)

  10. Apparently I miss a lot when I’m just fishing. I will need to be more attentive in the future ….. D

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