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A beholder’s slumber was insufficient to calm his delusion of persecution. Huruid had closed the great eye in the middle of his body, while its other eyes, supported by tentacles above his head, continued to look around. Always alert. The curse of a brilliant mind is predicting the future. Huruid knew that at some point things would not go as planned.

Fear haunted him at night. His dreams were full of betrayals, lies, and slander. Over and over he felt a sword stab from behind. He felt the cold teeth of the being under his control hunting him. Time had made Huruid used to these dreams… yet, for some unknown reason, his imagination was getting out of control.

Fear forced him to find shelter inside his dream. While his circular body with one eye in the middle floated in a dark room of the catacombs. Everything around him could be a trap. Huruid could only trust himself. Using his powerful mind, he began to hide behind the only thing he had left. The pain was not important. Nothing mattered as long as he felt safe.

Huruid continued to hide from the terrors that haunted his dreams. Hidden so no one could discover what he was up to. It would surely be easier to control everything if nobody knew.

Unaware of what was happening to his body, Huruid continued to hide from his nightmares. As the tentacles that supported his eleven eyes began to grow thin. Changing their tones until turning completely black. The skin of his face also tried to hide behind his skull.

The power of the eye beam concentrated against his eyelid forced all of his organic matter to gather at a point in the middle of his being. Suddenly an explosion lit the middle of his head. The beholder lost his physical appearance and became a death tyrant: a floating skull with a green light shining behind his eye socket, and eleven small green lights floating above his head.

Huruid woke up in a world where he no longer felt safe. His ghostly eyes could see past the lies and deceit. Death began to pour out of his being and the decay grew around him, covering the floor, walls, and ceiling of the dark room. Life had become his enemy. The death tyrant had to find a way to protect himself from those who could harm him.

Huruid emerged from his lair. The catacombs of a castle. Most people in the kingdom were being actively manipulated by him, Huruid has to find a way to go unnoticed. His new self knew that manipulating others was no longer enough.

Coming out of hiding, he met a group of peasants. They all screamed and ran from the hideous floating skull. It was too late for them.

Huruid used his eye ray to strike them from behind. This was the first time he had done something like this. Years of hiding in catacombs and doing everything in his power to manipulate were no longer sufficient. The death tyrant had to ensure that his enemies were not simply manipulated. Huruid had to control them.

The people fell with the impact of the death ray. Their bones began to rise from their bodies. It was time for Huruid to gather an army of the undead to protect him from the living.

The dead rose. Little by little, Huruid and a couple of dozens of skeletons found their way toward the castles. Everyone on their path joined the cause. Creating a fortress for the protection of a new being who is now known as Markus was crucial.

Although Markus had a lot of work ahead of him. He had to take care of everyone before the alarm went off. He and his army of undeath arrived at the gates of the wall that surrounds the castle, Markus orders the skeletons to attack. The first line of defense was ready, the following soldiers of the kingdom managed to activate the alarm and the bells of the castle rang loudly.

Markus took control of the fallen soldiers on his path to the main gate of the castle. Ready to take the place he deserved. Sure that his undead army will suffice.

The castle gates opened. Standing in a defiant pose was Yorgh, the knight of light responsible for protecting the king. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Markus looked at the knight and was not impressed—another candidate for his army. He then fired a death ray in the knight’s direction. For an instant, everything went black.

Yorgh parried the attack with his shield. The impact left a black stain in the middle of the shiny metal. “Light, grant me your strength,” the knight said as he held the copy of the holy scripture in his hand.

The undead army felt the shock of light after seeing the knight light up. Markus noted the gleam of the sword and watched the knight walk the steps down the castle entrance.

“You have made a terrible mistake,” Yorgh said and a ray of light sprouted from his body. The undead army fell flat to the ground.

Yorgh had to protect the castle… the impact of the death ray on his shield worsened the pain left by the previous strike. Yorgh jumped to the side. Evading the beam became easier when the castle is no longer behind him.

“Stop, stop, stop,” Markus said, as he continued to fire death rays in the knight of light’s direction.

Yorgh threw his shield to the ground. “Looks like I won’t need this anymore.” He then grabbed his sword with both hands and ran towards the huge floating skull.

Markus floated backward to avoid being cut in half by the glowing sword. I need to get out of here. His army of undead was the only possibility. Not knowing what he was doing, Markus focused his eye beam on a pile of bones.

Yorgh was shocked to see the skeletons merge into one abominable creature. He had to jump to the side to avoid being hit. The bone golem attacked irrationally. Yorgh held his sword with both hands and in one precise swing destroyed the creature.

The bones crumbled on the ground. When Yorgh turned the floating skull was gone.

Markus fled as fast as he could… he had to find a way to protect himself from the living.

About the author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.


Relato Corto Blog Fiction

About Author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.