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Every step we take helps us understand our true nature. The dawn of a new era is upon us and we have to do our part for a smooth transition of power.

After taking a piece of cake into her mouth. Mary enjoyed the flavors watering her mouth, and she closed her eyes for an instant.

“…and I’m dating a twenty-two-year-old now,” Gwen said.

The three friends paused.

“What!” Mary said, surprised.

“You’re dating a boy!” Victoria exclaimed.

“It’s not that bad,” Gwen said. “He is about to finish college.”

“Ha ha ha”, the three friends couldn’t control themselves and started laughing.

“Well,” Victoria said. “What is this all about?”

“This guy,” Gwen said, “has something that drives me crazy.”

“Sure…” said Mary. “Aren’t you a little old for that?”

“I know,” Gwen said. “But, I feel good when he’s around. It’s different.”

“What do you mean?” Victoria asked.

“It’s like achieving that impossible love that I always wanted,” Gwen said, tilting her head to the side and smiling. “He makes me happy.”

“Congratulate him for me,” said Mary. “I hope you continue having that enthusiasm when you have to change his diaper.”

“I also thought he was going to bore me,” Gwen confessed. “That’s why I was afraid to tell you, but we’ve been dating for two months now.”

Victoria looked at Gwen. “You kept it from us?”

“Could I help you ladies with anything?” asked a waiter.

“If we need something we’ll let you know,” Mary said.

“I’ll be around,” said the waiter. “Excuse me.”

“On second thought,” Mary said. “I wouldn’t mind having one like him.”

Gwen looked down. “That’s Jason, my boyfriend.”

“It can’t be,” said Mary.

“OMG…” said Victoria.

“I know,” Gwen said. “I’m the worst.”

“But he’s hot,” Mary added.

“I imagine you’ve read the latest genetic studies,” Gwen said.

“Not at all,” Victoria said.

“It turns out that men can only pass on three-quarters of their genes to their offspring…in other words, only women can pass down intelligence to their children,” Gwen said.

“How is that?” Victoria asked, somewhat confused.

“I was surprised,” said Gwen. “Studies have shown that men cannot pass on their intellectual capacity to their children.

“In other words, we should be looking for other attributes in men.”

“Like Jason’s legs,” Mary said.

“Stop it,” Gwen said. “He is watching us.”

The three friends laughed.

“It’s about time we put a stop to toxic masculinity,” Mary said. “I might also want to date younger men without fear of being judged.”

“It’s in our hands to break the patriarchal traditions,” Gwen said.

“Women should be able to choose whom to date,” Victoria said.

“I’m going to give it a try,” Mary said. “I have the perfect candidate.”

“Let’s toast to that.”

  1. You are talented to be able to write from the female vantage. I struggle with male characters. My characters tend to talk a lot and do girlie things, whereas I know the men in my stories would not say anything in real life. When my stepdad is upset, for example, he paces the floor, doesn’t yell in domestic arguments. When he is mad, he avoids whoever made him that way. It’s difficult to write a character like that.

    “Go to the basement,” the man said.
    I went.
    Right before I’d told him I punched my fist through the wall. The cheap material cracked all the way to the television on the other side, unable to handle my assault. A giant hole stared back at me.
    The man paced above me, “We should let her, you know.” He was referring to playing soccer. I would have only had one year left in soccer. I wouldn’t have made it to the varsity level, but dammit, I wanted to play.
    The man paced above me.
    “She needs a job,” the woman said. She started to ramble.
    The man paced above me.

    What was he thinking?

    That’s about as close as I get to writing a male character, an adult male character.

  2. I like Sebastian how you introduce yourself as citizen not of any country on this planet, but the planet Earth. 🙂 Every time I look at your blog there is always something creative is written by you. I fully agree with you on creative energy is coming from within the nature ( I imagine you are meaning creative energy inside of us, because we are part of the nature).
    Just wondering do you like photography?
    I really enjoyed the piece about the ladies and the specially character Mary who ate the cake.

  3. It’s rare to find male writers who understand women so well and accept them the way they are. Indeed, why should boys have all the fun? Loved your story.

  4. That….was….uncanny in your perception of the way women react when you tell them you’re interested in a younger man, speaking from experience 😆. Who cares what they think. Time isnt linear and age is just a number. Bravo. 💗 Id love to know who Mary has in mind… 🤔

  5. So the truth is out! Women’s gossip’s about male attributes do not differ much from those of men, but in contrast to the male species, they are just more focused on what really counts!

  6. Wow, I have to say, I’ve recently began writing. You write women So well. I honestly struggled with my female lead character, She never felt authentic. I see the comments from other ladies attesting to this as well. Is this something that can be learned? HAHA I feel silly asking such a question, but It still needed to be asked. Thanks!~

  7. Good story. However set it up in the beginning that there are 3 mature women. Watch out for the squinting modifiers in the first sentence. You did a lot of telling, which is very good. Just take more time in creating your story, in other words rewrite. The only writer who gets away with a half told tale is Joyce Carol Oates. I prefer Stephen King’s On Writing. The best book on writing I’ve ever read or listened to on CD.

    Your story is very good. Just needs a little work and excellent results will be the outcome.

    1. Yeah, King’s book is great, I learned a great deal. Good on you for putting in some constructive criticism. We can not grow as artists without reflecting on our work, and doing so positively is always a good thing.

  8. Your writing inspires my creative writing to keep going! Thank you for great content!

  9. Very convincing logic. Will begin new tactics of searching for suitable mates only considering 3/4 of their personality and physical attributes-let that 1/4 slide for science’s sake. Standards just revised. Fun eaves-dropping read. Wish we got just a tiny taste of this younger boyfriend’s physique, though.

  10. Beautiful analysis & awareness of the new energy female..love your work..by the my partner,s name is Mary..she must read this .lol.. blessings GG🤔🤪🌹💞

  11. What do we talk about in our private groups? My friends talk about the doctor shortage and recent operations and who passed away recently. Your private group conversations reflect your preoccupations, no?

  12. It’s different when you’re a 67 year old man on Social Security and much younger women talk “age doesn’t matter, love is from the heart”. As I go along with the talk of their talk, patiently awaiting the the casting of the hook, I get some sob story and “can you help me with…$$$…”. I can only laugh! So much for social media. Then it’s even more of a laugh when the emojis with tears gushing from their eyes come pouring in. It’s so much fun saying,”I wasn’t born yesterday, been around the block more than a few times. LOLGB+

  13. Amazing read my friend! I finally have time to sit and appreciate your writings. You’re really good at this!
    God bless you always and thank you for your amazing support!

  14. As a woman, I loved this piece! I’m very curious to know, is it really true that children inherit their intellectual capacity from the mother and not the father? Fascinating thought! Especially considering that, to the ancients, the child’s whole being was considered to be encapsulated in the father’s sperm, with the mother merely being an “oven”, so to speak, for the baby to grow in.
    Anyways, been wanting to leave a comment here for a while, as i’ve thoroughly enjoyed your writing 🙂 thanks Sebastian, and keep coming with the stories!

  15. Interestingly put together!

    Maybe, introspecting on why Gwen is so taken in by Jason could give a little more depth to this piece. Is it just the physical attribute? The thrill of doing something unprecedented in her life? Or just the freshness of love….

    What is it about him or the relation that makes her happy? Is it her being uninhibited or her being desired by someone so youger? One perspective can free her, the other can cage her.

  16. I feel very much like Alice who has just entered a rabbit hole when I come into your world of imagination.

    I do love words… but I especially love men who know how to use words well.

    You recently have liked a couple of my posts. Thank you…. But I know that you know that it is most likely not because you actually enjoy my writing.

    I have a perception about you, and I sense what you are looking for…

  17. thanks for showing love to my blog sebastian. please let me know what youd like me to post about in future. youre a master of micro fiction and visual presentation

  18. I guess sometime ladies sometime need someone to pampered which sometime men can’t understand or too matured for. Thanks for the story. I hope I will try read more on the other, but my list is quite long. Thanks thanks.

  19. Thanks again for this story too. It is brilliant. Can’t believe how much it helped me!

  20. only women can pass down intelligence to their children. I didn’t know this if it’s true and I’m so happy for myself because I was wishing to be like my mom not my dad :))

  21. I enjoyed reading what you wrote, Sebastian! Keep up the good work! Being a woman, I would not look to younger men as mates. I have been a single adult, though. My husband and I do get along well with adults who are the ages of some of our grown children, though! ha ha We are young at heart!

  22. Interesting use of dialogue. I felt Like I could associate with all different characters in the story. I am kind of new to this experience and I think that’s a skill that I would love to learn from you.
    Then of course the ability to write from the lady’s POV… Just love it.

  23. Thank you for your support. I hope this BIBLE STUDY is helping you grow in your Faith as it helping me to grow stronger in my Faith and Trust In THE LORD. GOD BLESS You.

  24. This is so good. Dialog that is expository, original and authentic is rare indeed. And a blow against the patriarchy and stereotypes of women. Cutting, witty, believable, catty…maybe true. Thanks for liking my blog posts. I’ll want to read more of your posts now.

  25. Great story. Interesting how we all seem to have stereotypes for one thing or another.

  26. Good for women if they realize they can change the ‘norm’!
    Chances are older women can please a man better than younger women.
    Life’s short—seize the day—make the most of it if there are no repercussions.

  27. Well, what if was true that men only provide this much in their genes? What if children inherited only their mothers’ brains their fathers’ physique?

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