Clashing Wings


Zin, a deva created by and serving Norval, faltered. His master’s orders went against the common good—there was something Zin couldn’t see yet. His ability to know the truth could not be ignored. This was a trap.

The angel imagined the worst. So he shed his human form to escape. Betraying a God is a crime that is paid in blood. Not caring what the humans around him might think, Zin spread his wings and pushed himself from the ground to fly away.

Witnesses watched in amazement as the white wing creature rose into the air. This was the first time their eyes confirmed a legend. The angel moved quickly towards the sun until it was impossible to see it.

Zin stopped in the clouds. There was no use in trying. Norval could see through the eyes of his servants. Zin studied the golden mace in his hand. He only had one weapon to face on judgment day. So he prepared for the worst and waited silently, floating above the clouds.

Dez, a planetar loyal to Norval, soon arrived. Unlike Zin, who had the skin color of a human, Dez’s skin was blue. He was also much taller than Zin, and more importantly, his weapon was a greatsword forged in the heavenly plane.

“You have fallen out of grace, brother,” Dez said as he stopped in front of Zin.

“Our main goal is to look after the common good,” Zin said.

“Your limited perspective has blinded you,” Dez said.

“The end cannot justify the means,” Zin demanded.

“Your judgment day has come,” Dez said and charged.

Zin reached out to parry the sword attack with his mace. An aura of white light began to grow around the white-winged beings. “You don’t have to do this.”

“You have been corrupted, brother,” Dez said and attacked again.

His time among mortals paved the way for Zin to gain new abilities. Powers he never thought to use. He raised his weapon to parry the sword attack… then his hammer shone with darkness.

Dez felt the force of the impact. His sword vibrated in his hands. Pain shot up his arms.

“Sorry,” Zin said before slamming his mace on the head of his mentor.

Dez received a harder blow than he had expected. Zin had to be using forbidden magic. Dez’s eyes lost the ability to receive light. Before long, Dez’s unconscious body began to fall. His speed increases. Hitting the ground seemed unavoidable… few seconds before the impact a ray of light crossed Dez’s path.

Zin slowly descended. The mace in his hand continued to spring darkness, while he held Dez’s sword in the other hand.

Seru, a solar in Norval’s service, stared at the deva who defeated Dez. He placed Dez’s unconscious body on the ground, then walked over to Zin. “Is this the price you are willing to pay to save the lives of mortals? Going against your own kind.”

Zin landed a few steps away from Seru. “It is time to open our eyes to new possibilities, brother,” Zin said, and darkness began to well up from his sword blade.

Seru spread his wings. The size and shape of a solar were imposing. Zin looked like a child in front of a man.

“Do not underestimate my power,” Zin said, raising the sword.

“Ridiculous,” Seru said and attacked.

The swords clashed. The power of Seru’s light was unmatched. Few angels reached such a high rank. Unfortunately, Zin’s slight resistance was enough to withstand the pain. Then Seru took a full blow of darkness against his armor.

Both angels were sent backward. Seru noticed that darkness had corrupted his opponent. Some of Zin’s wing feathers were on fire.

“This is your last chance to give up,” Seru said.

“…and allow you to kill me without a fight,” Zin said. “Over my dead body.”

The angels rose, clashing their weapons again and again. Being sent backward with each impact. The fire in Zin’s wings sheds gray feathers as it fades away. Every time he used the darkness, more feathers lit up.

“You still have time to repent,” Seru said, throwing his sword toward Zin.

Zin deflected the attack. “You leave me no choice but to end your life.”

Seru flew downwards to grab the greatsword, then charged. The color of his opponent’s wings had completely changed. The connection with Norval was broken. I have to destroy you before it’s too late.

A cunning attack caused Zin to be forcibly sent downwards. Seru was pushed up and instantly flapped his wings to attack again before his opponent crashed against the ground.

Zin could only defend himself. His swordsmanship was too basic to be a worthy match for a solar. The only thing keeping him alive was his command of darkness. When he crashed to the ground, he was ready to hear his wing bones break. Instead, he fell onto a padded surface. Then a pair of arms held him up.

Seru watched in amazement as the ground parted and the creatures of the darkness grabbed Zin. Then they lowered him.

Zin watched as the earth closed over his eyes and the sunlight disappeared.

Seru landed next to the place where the earth swallowed Zin. “Good luck, brother.”

About the author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.


About Author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.