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Cold-eyed Encounter


Sharai was crawling through a narrow tunnel. The things I must do for gold, she thought. Turning her head to see Reginald following closely behind her.

The two of them were approaching the dragon’s lair. There, the knights of darkness planned to mine the black ores. Night had already fallen, but the trapped creature’s warmth lent a warm atmosphere to the cold cave. They followed Aslan’s orders and continued venturing inside.

Six miles away was the Aslan—the knight of light. His plans were a bit different.

Sharai reached an opening at the end of the narrow tunnel. In a large open area, she found the trapped dragon. Metal chains would not suffice to control the heat emanating from the fiery beast. Sharai caught a glimpse of six wizards freezing the chains. The dragon would remain trapped as long as the spell is active.

Near the wizards was a squad of knights of darkness. There was no reason for someone to visit the dragon’s lair unannounced. Getting rid of any intruders were the orders given to the knights.

“What’s going on?” Reginald asked, trying to see around the sorceress.

“Hush,” said Sharai, turning back. “We found the dragon.”

“Now what?” Reginald whispered.

“Now we wait,” Sharai said, lying down to rest.

“I don’t feel comfortable waiting here,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aslan went in search of an old opponent. Years ago he had to retrieve the holy scriptures from a fellow trainee. The place he was visiting looked like a simple cave in the heart of a mountain. The creature he found a long time ago…was the only thing that could help them out of their current situation.

Aslan could have tried a thousand different options. For some reason, this was the most suitable for the problem at hand. Unfortunately, finding what he was looking for would only be possible by using himself as bait. So he walked to the place where he had to face that demonic creature. Surely this time he too will have to flee to save his life.

Tughmash, a behir that has existed for thousands of years. The guardian of the lair in which he has lived most of his life. His snake body slithered quickly through one of the cave’s tunnels. Tughmash’s mouth was big enough to swallow a man whole.

Here we go, Aslan thought as he watched a blue streak come out of the wall. Before long he felt the creature’s slimy interior. It was not the first time Aldan had been eaten alive by a behir. Only now his plans were somewhat different.

Sharai received the signal and knew it was time to cast the spell. “Cover me.”

Reginald watched in shock as Sharai walked out of the tunnel. “No…what are you doing?” He went out and stood in front of the sorceress. He had to protect her while she cast the spell.

“Stop,” one of the knights demanded, the rest turned to look at the lights shimmering on Sharai’s hands. “Stop in the name of the queen.”

Reginald drew his sword.

The knights of darkness were shocked to see the man in warrior armor drawing a black metal sword. “To them!”

Reginald waited for the arrival of the knights of darkness. Hurry up.

Sharai finished casting her spell. The lights shining on her hand continued to grow. “Move,” she said before throwing the ball of light at the knights of darkness.

Upon falling, the light ended up becoming a portal. The knights were surprised to see a behir in front of them.

The blue-skinned snake lowers its twelve legs to support itself. Analyzing the situation in which he found himself. A short time ago he was hiding to digest.

“Use all your strength,” Sharai said. Her eyes shone with fire. Flames flared in her hands. She threw the red balls to the behir. Reginald ran towards the creature and slashed it with his sword.

The cave changed its color hue. Even the light from the torches was dimmed by the explosion of darkness. The blow didn’t even leave a scratch on the behir’s skin. But it was enough for Aslan to get out of the creature.

The knights of darkness were shocked to see a knight of light come out of the creature’s mouth.

Before long, Tughmash noticed the presence of a dragon and ignored everyone else. The behir opened his mouth and a column of electricity hit the dragon. The explosion caused the ice on the metal chains to thaw—freeing the dragon.

“Let’s get out of here,” Aslan said as he ran past Reginald.

The young prince stared at the dragon spreading its wings to fly and a column of fire came out of its mouth.

Aslan returned for Reginald and grabbed him by the shoulder. “We do not have much time.”

The behir lunged itself at the dragon.

About the author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.


  • I liked the story even though I am not sure why they wanted to free the dragon which has different symbolic meanings. I like that in eastern cultures it symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom strength and hidden knowledge. Although in Christian and western cultures it symbolizes evil. Based on Aslan and Reginald defending good I’ll assume the eastern meaning for the dragon.

  • It looks like you have been at this for awhile. Beautifully done page. Thank you for your like. I don’t get alot of those on my page. I seem to get alot of hate. Your like was very welcomed. I wish you the best of luck.

  • so you are the one that sometimes reads my mind dumps, I wonder what you think of the weird things I post… you may know parts of me that only my most intimate have access, not even them.

    and you write fiction, I may have a story for you, if you’re willing…

    I’ll be in touch

Relato Corto Blog Fiction

About Author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.