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Innocent Feelings


In an instant, life changed course. Everything seemed normal at the beginning of the day; one was already used to constant discomfort. The days of solitude only seemed to be accompanied by a childish inner child. Letting that voice guide you was the only pure thing to do.

Getting carried away by the routine was almost annoying. A little inconvenient. The inner child kept getting in the way. Acting like a normal adult was almost impossible. Pretending was enough. Exhausting but accurate for the situation.

There was no intention for change. Nothing was strong enough to force its growth. Time showed that pretending would guide you through existence without much effort. Routinely living out the days until the future arrived.

Why make an effort if life has proved it useless.

Without warning, the most wonderful being ever created passed by.

Who are you?

The newborn baby was dazzling. His eyes were drops of water. Fragile. Crystals that open the door to a portal. His mother immediately wanted to find out all the secrets of this stranger. The immense need to take care of him and make all his wishes come true.

Every inch of his skin was perfect. His beautiful hands were a masterpiece. Tools to shape the world; strong legs so that distances are not a limitation; a work of art.

In an instant, the protective energy that is born from mother nature took over her body. Her priorities disappeared like footprints on the seashore. The only thing she could imagine was caressing the baby’s delicate skin. Hugging his body to never let go. She wanted to ensure he was okay and that his every need is met.

At that moment Gil saw the sparkle in Tammy’s eyes. That flash that is so familiar among men. He saw the energy that seduces, allowing you to do anything. How could it be possible? he wondered with jealously of his son.

It was incredible to see the awakening of the feminine energy that was so familiar to Gil. The force that appears and makes you chase a woman. Now, as on hundreds of occasions, he saw a person get lost in that delusion. Love.

It was hard for him to accept that the person he loves now loves another. However, his emotional maturity, which made him different from the others, helped him understand.

The cycle had to be closed. Gil had to keep loving his wife. He understood that she accepted being loved by him—she allowed Gil to love her. Seeing that his son was going to be loved and protected by his wife. Admiring the ability of the little human to allow others to love him. Gil learned that to close the cycle by letting himself be beloved by his son.

Only then could the natural order be maintained.

About the author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.


  • This is a very tender love story with everything that makes love real. A mother for her baby, a man, husband and now father feeling the pangs of love jealousy and guilt. So well done!

  • No, there’s nothing that comes between a mother and child. A strong man recognizes that. Hard subject to tackle, you did it well.

  • Interesting; but not that great and not that I can do better. I don’t aspire to be a writer. I am only a blogger.

  • Very wonderful insight into the relationship between wife/mother, husband/father and child.

  • Yes… very moving… I have never had a child, but if I had I would want it to be like this.

  • Touching and vulnerable. This must be a lived experience of your love.

    • There is underlying sadness to this story. I’ve never been a mother and perhaps my reaction is misguided. But I think in a mature relationship the woman continues to love her husband. . The nature of a baby is demanding and exhausting and that changes priorities and hopefully men can coparent. Is this mother who is childish before the birth, obsessed with her son to the point it can be unhealthy for the child? Or is it a comment that women put their needs first until a baby is born? I’m not sure what natural order is? Is it that a woman’s purpose is to be a mother and the father to accept that he will not be the priority? I feel sad the man admires others like his son that accepts love. But glad his son loves his father and his father loves him back which is necessary for his son to be a good father too.. Loving someone is opening oneself to vulnerability. In my family my mother’s priority was my dad, not us. Mothers are not all the same.As usual Sebastian make me think more deeply.

      • Elizabeth:

        You said what I was thinking, but more clearly than I would have. It is sad that the father in this story feels jealously that he needs to suppress, in addition to love for his wife and son.


  • I percieve that there is a lot to this story, more than perhaps any of us know or realise.
    I have never been a mother. And it is sad to think also that unfortunately all mothers do not feel that way for their child either. Many fathers do not do well with accepting all of the big changes not just in routine etc but emotionally and mentally from being the most important person to now not the most important person, especially if perhaps they did not have their own mothers/fathers love.
    It “should” be the strongest connection there is between a mother and child, because the developing child is vulnerable at this early stage, only having their own mother and father’s love (hopefully) to mirror from.
    That child will literally be imprinted on though for the rest of its life, and their psychological well-being very much is dependent on this union of love, and how the parents accept it.

  • Thank you for sharing and reaching out to me my friend! Your story is amazing and interesting that you’re writing about this because I have yet to see anyone write about how men feel after their child is born.
    So great job on this! Hope your day is a good one and God bless you always! MysMav

  • Beautiful! “His eyes were drops of water”, But the whole thing brought tears to my eyes. I loved it. Always a pleasure, reading your stories 🙏🏻

  • Through introspection we learn so much about having babies, life, love and the mating game. After the first child we begin to put the pieces of our feelings and behaviour together again. Slowly we begin to understand ourselves.
    The first few years require patience and learning how to extend and embrace this love; appreciate the changing nature of the relationship and its new form of passion and fire
    Fantasy and intelligence goes a long way.
    So happy to read your story from a male perspective. A very important chapter in a man and father’s life. Thank you for sharing.

  • letting himself be beloved by his son – and the fragile beauty of that newborn child. . Loved this,

  • Nice… yet I would challenge the view and the notion of free flowing love vs stained kind of one with a scent of possession

  • Hmm.. interesting male perspective on childbirth and motherhood, being a father to a son for the first time.

    I think this needs a lot of work in terms of your writing ability, yet it conveyed your emotions perfectly.

    Your topics are poignant and relatable.

    Another piece of art from you that I enjoyed.

    Looking forward to browsing through them all.

    I have never understood why men see their own flesh and blood as someone to compete with for their partners love and affection.

    I mean isn’t your child a part of you?
    Aren’t you a family together as a whole?

    You’re all one and the same fleshbof your flesh.
    But..that being said…

    I am glad I read this. Its nice to be able to depve into the mind of a man for a change…LOL!

    You never onow what goes on there.

    These stories seem so personal though.

    I would never be able to share stuff like this with strangers.

    Too deep.
    Too private
    Too Precious

    Keep writing though…and thank you for sharing!

  • I loved it!!! As a mother, I felt it deeply. The love a child awakes in their mother is like no other-and God made hearts capable of loving many people, even the fathers 🙂

Relato Corto Blog Fiction

About Author

Sebastián Iturralde

Writer of enigmatic tales, weaving captivating narratives that provoke thought and stir the imagination. Unveiling the depths of human experience through words.