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Life would be different if we found a way to stop thieves from stealing our hard-earned money, and they would do whatever it takes to keep up with their scam.

The sound of mechanical rotors was heard throughout the warehouse. Men controlled the operation of the rollers, while the material traveled through the printing press.

Standing next to a wide window on the second floor of the factory, Otis watched the printer mint the bills. Until the sound of a call brought him back to the present.

“Freedom letters,” he said, after picking up the phone. “Otis to serve you.”

“Otis… Mr. President,” Alberth said, “we have a problem.”

“Easy, Alberth,” said Otis—founding president and owner of the national currency press—Freedom letters. “Come, chat in my office.”

“Right away, Mr. President.”

Otis waited by his office window. Observing the business he created thanks to his effort and dedication. The company that made him admired for his ability to generate resources for the country.

Eventually, Otis heard a knock on his office door.

“Come in.”

“With your permission, Mr. President,” Alberth said as he passed.

“Tell me, what is so important?”

“The citizens of the country have found a way to carry out transactions without the use of our currency.”

“That’s impossible,” Otis said, and walked over to his office bar. “We just have to destroy whoever is printing the new coins.”

“It’s a digital currency,” Alberth said.

“We control the communication networks, right?” Otis said, pouring himself a glass of whiskey. “We can block their servers.”

“The server is distributed among the users,” Alberth said.

“We can institute laws to prohibit their use,” Otis said, and took a sip from his glass.

“It is impossible to know who is using it,” Alberth said. “Anyone with a computer can create an account and start receiving and sending payments.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We have done everything in our power,” Alberth said sincerely. “We even created other digital currencies to decrease its popularity. People continue to find it convenient to use this digital currency for immediate transactions with each other.”

“There must be a way to destroy it,” Otis said, on his way to his desk.

“Unlike us,” Alberth said, “no one can increase the total number of digital coins in circulation.”

“What do the owners of this currency gain?”

“It has no owner,” Alberth said, looking at Otis sitting down on the large chair behind his desk.

“How troublesome do you think it is for us?”

“In the long term, traditional currencies are going to disappear,” Alberth said. “We cannot compete with a currency that does not make a profit from the minting of coins.”

“I think…yes, I have a solution,” Otis said. “We must change the system, make any type of currency lose its value. That way it will be impossible to show that we are devaluing the currency.

“We will have to start using all our resources to manipulate people. Make them see how evil capitalism is. Make them pay more attention to the pollution we are generating; we can stop managing the waste of the country and blame capitalism.

“In a few years we will have them convinced that the only way to survive is by letting the state control the polluting entities. By then, we will have everyone in congress on our payroll.

“Instead of a currency, we will create a point system and only give them to those following our rule. We’ll give everyone what they deserve and take total control of the private sector.

“By the time they realize what we’ve done; a pandemic should keep them busy. It would also be a great way to make the global economy collapse.

“Only those who obey my laws will have a chance to survive after the great reset.

“It might sound impossible, but using the power of our minting press and those from other countries, we can create a totalitarian state and maintain control over the world.”

“What if something goes wrong?” Alberth asked. “If people decide to continue using this digital medium for all their transactions.”

“That would be the end of the traditional financial system,” Otis said, looking down. “The end of our domain… after all we’ve done for them. Ungrateful bastards. I don’t want to imagine a world where people have control over the growth of their money; instead of losing their purchasing power every time we print our fair share.”

“There will be people who are against a totalitarian state,” Alberth said.

“In war and in love anything goes,” said Otis. “I want the press at full capacity. We need to double the current amount of total currency. No one will know what’s happening until it’s too late.”

      1. It’s so amazing how the hustling spirit varies from country to country , or different people in the same country and how they exchange goods.
        I know very little about the social credit system and how it was introduced there. I will do some research. Thank you for sharing.

  1. Just remembered our old system, a barter system is an old method of exchange. Th is system has been used for centuries and long before money was invented. People exchanged services and goods for other services and goods in return. … The value of bartering items can be negotiated with the other part.

    So, the buyer and seller is in control of the currancy value!

    Are we going back to that era with Crypto currancy as a new face of the barter system where the governments will have minimum control?

    1. I fully agree. Printed money further suppress the poor. Governments print money to fund programs only to devalue it and drive up inflation. The World Bank and IMF are power sinks. Crypto is the leveler.

  2. 💜 “Paper Castles” indeed EveryOne; for what is “Money” but “Paper” and Metal 🤔 ? Cave Dwellers have No NEED!!! of “Money” yet “Money” is here; ergo, how is “Money” progressive as The Rich get Richer and The Poor get Poorer…as an aside, Poor People Smile a Lot; while Rich People tend to Look Very Grumpy


  3. Jesus of Nazareth was known for stealing the Bible from Jewish culture to make one hundred dollars for all humankind, adjusted for inflation to modern standards. That’s the entire origin of Roman math and the decimal system. Every single bit of currency logic, the source of food, relates to the Bible, the compression of Jewish trade secrets into a single guide on how to fight as a solitary entity, the Hebrew ideal, however in such a way that reading it, cheats you. He did it by taking the career soldier, the Centurion, meant to fight as a singular unit in pit fights, or together in the field of battle, commanding one hundred men, a way to study any form of worldly knowledge. In currency terms, this is taking one hundred meals, for one dollar a piece, in our modern culture a candy bar, as each soldier, and eating them. Now, we’re all the same Centurion, and we’ve profited exactly one hundred Snickers, for the loss of the entire concept of currency. The problem is, Jesus of Nazareth is dead. And we’re all here. Could President Otis be dealing with a new Jesus? The world – one hundred dollars – is at stake. But we already ate the candy. Dear God. Dear God indeed.

    1. Jesus is God. God created the Jewish people but they rejected him. Jesus didn’t steal anything. Jesus came to save us all from Adam and Eves original sin that divided us from God. Jesus is the second person of the Holy Trinity. Jesus rose on the third day. Jesus is not dead and we know it. He lives in us and through us. I know, I am saved by the Blood of the Lamb. My joy comes from the living God. He came to save us All.

      1. That’s the command sequence encoding for people that have heard of Christianity, but otherwise haven’t used the precise template for machine homunculi of trades developed from the machines built on literacy given to Catholics upon converting out of Christianity (illiterate farm practice with priest as accounts exchequer). In other words, that’s the key imprint of the vassal system, to control anyone applying machinery without the direct key sequence of logic (those applying rigidly being groundlings, stignum notes, and those applying academically being nobles, merchants, hence both are within control of the accountant, your command phrase).

      2. You’re using the command excecutive teaching key, for the machine homunculi descended from the Bible’s application (literacy upon development of the plowshare), from Christians (illiterate farmers that later received a share of lands and learned to read and write, Catholics). A machine homunculi, is a descent of sciences through technology developed by a shared histories tradition, the Bible in this case, that being religion in general, with those academically applying Catholicism (literate Christianity) being merchants, nobles, and those literally applying Catholicism as labor, groundlings. The command key you’re using, is for the vassals (nobles, academic, my stated form of the faith analyzed to create a new system of the Bible’s related Jewish military and academic structure) and townspeople (groundlings, literal, those applying a direct quotation of text, ineligible in court). Mythically, this is the king, it’s actually for an accountant, the function of a priest before the development of the ‘plowshare’ (whatever device will be invented as a returned division of divided society of kingdom), the basis of the machine homunculi of territory management (developed from Jewish texts of swordsmanship and espionage), through Christ’s division of 100 men, a Century, and a single man, a Prizefighter, both the same, however sold for a currency exchange, of one man’s value equally one non-decimaled place of currency, hence kingdom could be developed, with different currencies. The accountant, the priest, has to track the farming labor, through nobles and laborers, the merchants (vassals) and peasants (townspeople).

  4. I am Native Canadian. The Indians did not have currency. Instead, they allocated resources according to one’s role in society. More important people got the better share. I suppose it is a system still prone to corruption as importance is sometimes based on opinion, but I would enjoy trying it out and see how it works. That or a barter system.

  5. An interesting perspective on the Freedom Press (I assume US Treasury). I had to really think about what it means to control the distribution of currency (paper and electronic flowing through the banking system). And then I had to think about the implications of negotiating between two parties and setting a value for something independently and how to compare prices? But then people would advertise in digital currency. I am assuming that because it is a distributed system, the system itself is its security strategy. I had to think about trust within the distributed system and how many Americans might resist using digital currency because they don’t understand it. We gravitate tp wanting to feel we are control and trust what we think we know. How many Americans understand the Treasury system? But it is what they have been conditioned to trust. And most of what we do is based on trust. What happens if the entire system fails? But then that would be no different than if the banking computer system fails. Another very deep question to try to wrap my mind around the ramifications to our society and how power and profits are vested in the current system blocking change that would benefit us all. This is an out of the box thinking post. It makes me want to explore using digital currency.

  6. El Salvador? Digital currency = huge energy waste, dirty carbon emitting server farms doing nothing whatsoever useful. One hundred times the scam of paper money is crypto, not even worth the paper it’s not printed on.

  7. BINGO! >>> Hey man, how much do you want for a 1 lb bag of those dried beans? >> 5 rolls of toilet paper. >>> Isn’t that a bit steep? >> Not really. Do you have dried beans? >>> NO, but I stocked up on some toilet paper. >> I have a pile of old telephone books, but some real toilet paper would be nice. >>> But all I have is 5 rolls! >> Fine, 1 lb of dried beans and a old telephone book for 5 rolls of toilet paper! – – – Folks, that’s called barter!

  8. The need for power makes people smart.
    The fear of losing power makes people smarter… in a sneaky kind of way.
    It’s quite scary how close to truth this supposed fiction could be.

  9. Great Story. Well written as always, but still fiction. Every Government in the world has the same issue with Cryptocurrency. It doesn’t matter if they are a dictatorship or democracy, socialism or capitalism, they all run on taxes. Cryptocurrency was originally created to hide money laundering. As long as the government can find a way to tax it, they don’t care who prints it. There might be an issue fo inflation if the money supply outpaces product supply, but then again this a great fictional story. Love it. Keep writting.

  10. Wanted to thank you—you are always so encouraging and supportive with just a click. This Paper Castle adds an interesting twist–hahaha. I like.

  11. Sebastian, thank you so much for your continuous support of my blog and revelations. I also mix in a few articles and poems too! I can always count on you to support my writing efforts with a like! Thank you, your support is very kind! Blessing’s, Lorie Ann Jermoune

  12. My plans for this weekend is to sit quietly and catch up on reading your work!! It takes me to a special place of peace and yet stimulated my imagination as I formulate the pictures of your words in my mind😊

  13. Don’t mind me. I’m just going to forward this wonderful dystopian “fantasy” to a lawyer friend who wanted me to read up on this subject. I don’t think this is the reading he had in mind, but it definitely enhanced my understanding of his viewpoints. Thank you.

  14. A most chilling prophecy, or perhaps a description of already-existing state of affairs? May the Orwellian ultimate outcome described be averted, despite everything… May light prevail over darkness.

  15. You are beautifully depicting our present time. The deep state and the Rothschild banking system is losing control because Patriots we are tired of being used, abused, and then tossed. They did find a way to kill us off without camps like Auschwitz, they created COVID. They are destabilizing our markets, destroying our healthcare, screwing with our food supply (GMOs, glyphosate, chemtrails) and the media helps them cover it all up. If they can’t get us at birth, they’ll attack our food supply, destroy our supply chain , brainwash us in school and render us unable to procreate with the jab. A perfect firestorm. But they forgot one thing: God is in us and HE is stronger than their evil. We are God’s children And our connection is our salvation. Pray for the babies born after the jab. They have black eyes. Keep praying that we are delivered from evil.

  16. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 A House of Cards (“Paper”) eventually collapses EveryOne; metal under heat eventually melts in to a molten mess EveryBody

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


  17. I really like how this parodies/mirrors the current cryptocurrency developments in the world right now!

    Thanks for the read 🙂

  18. I am entrées with you excellence creativity. I want to study it more. Just a glimpse does not duly justify nor define the beauty of your tremendous work. I want to see in depth much more to come.
    Respectfully Submitted
    Gloria J Hunt Keith

  19. My you sure know how to write. Inflation, manipulation, bit coins, capitalism , greed, you sure have a go at them all. Who knows where it will end. Only God’s Eternal plan for the world will stop them.

    1. I agree. Do you sometimes think that those scammers and identity thieves could possibly be working deals with the celebrities that the criminals are impersonating?

  20. It’s actually incredible you can write this much and still have quality, especially with a piece like this.
    It’s an interesting metaphor.

  21. This story makes me want to buy (while I still can), a farm in the middle of nowhere near a river and live off the land for the rest of my days and leave all this modern day confusion crap behind.

    Thanx for the ride Sebastian, see ya on the next one. (subscribed)

  22. Your grammar structure is great in this story. Your subject matter is also great because it is current and should make readers think. This has always been the purpose of SF.

  23. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 A House of Cards ♠️♥️♦️♣️ Doesn’t Last Very Long EveryOne; in The Bible (I AM NOT!!! Religious but Parents Attempted and Failed to Raise Me So) it is Given a Reference in Bible Parables by Brother Jesu of ‘Building Our Houses on Sand’ instead of Rock, so trust to the likewise advice as this post to Avoid Imminent Collapse EveryBody

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


  24. I’m no longer confused by the Truth that the Truth is next to impossible to see, except in the rear view mirror. I wonder what happens at the end of the whole story? Tobacco and tequila hold their value if you need to barter. On the run, tobacco is easier to carry. 🙂 love, in lak’ech, Debra

  25. The best one yet. Almost a believalbe scenario, which is a sobering thought. Tightly constructed; so much information and backstory is implied that the story seems longer, bigger than it actually is. Cheers!

  26. Such great words, with perfect sense. It reminds me of a video of Milton Friedman, back in the ’90s. Thank you for writing, this has a great purpose.

  27. “Paper Castle”…perfect title for the current regime.

    I appreciate the elitist attitude and thought process of Otis…chilling

    A free people always push back…

  28. I have not read any of your previous blogs and yet I notice how this grabs the reader. They do not need to have read your previous posts to find it interesting. But I may do so to get a fuller picture of what your story is about.

  29. Hi, Sebastian! I’m so happy to discover your blog! I love short stories. You are excellent at dialogue, one of the more challenging parts of writing.

  30. This is super direct and to the point, I really like the message and how modern it is, but I feel like it could use some more subtlety to make people who disagree with this viewpoint want to read it. You’re only going to get readers who agree and it won’t make much of a difference on who ponders the message. I love this, but I feel that it could gain a wider audience:)

  31. More like current fact than fiction! Well written you!
    I’m predicting a huge blackmarket in goods and services everywhere, as well as a return to bartering bigtime if global elites don’t back off

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