Dark Light
On a journey in search of the most precious treasure, without the will to question the provider of the map. We can become the evil that we seek to defeat.

Little Tomas smiled while carefully placing some of his toys inside a colorful backpack. His room had the peculiar scent of manna-scented vacuum. The morning chill crept in through the slightly opened window.

The other members of the family were sleeping when Tomas closed his backpack, and very carefully walked out of his room. He didn’t make a sound to pass unnoticed. Imagining the adventure he was about to enjoy. Surely this would be the day that his dreams came true.

When he got to the kitchen, Tomas took a couple of fruits and left his house. The cold was bearable, especially for a boy who knew what to expect on his adventure.

Tomas stopped a few steps towards the garden of his house. He was able to see the immense forest of the national park. It was a matter of minutes until he reached hostile terrain. The place he liked to travel to when he needed treasures.

“You have to be brave,” Tomas said, placing his toys on the ground around him. “We are looking for a story to share. I cannot promise that we will not fail again. The light animals have been too fast for us to catch—I ask that you follow my lead and trust your senses.”

The small toys came to life: slowly standing upright.

“We have to share their secrets with the world,” Tomas said.

The lights of the three toys came on, and they raised their arms before transforming into small all-terrain vehicles.

“Be careful,” Tomas said, “I’m not losing any of you.”

The toys began to run in circles.

Tomas crossed the garden and entered the forest. Immediately, he was covered in darkness and a dense fog rendered him. It became almost impossible to look into the distance: the flashing red lights of his companions helped him navigate through the shadows.

Just a trace of the elusive creatures he’s been searching for was enough. Tomas raised his plastic pistol and continued into the unknown.

Before long he heard a peculiar sound. Different from the constant chirping of birds. Other hunters, perhaps. Tomas had never met others like him on his expeditions.

He clearly heard the distinctive raking of a weapon. “We have one…”

As he got closer, Tomas noticed that the hunters captured one of the creatures alive. Its bright colors flashed. Its fur moved as if the animal were underwater—it was impossible.

“Who’s there?” said one of the hunters, noticing the presence of an intruder.

Tomas raised his hands and approached them.

“What are you doing here?” asked the second of two hunters.

“Looking for animals of light,” Tomas said, lowering his weapon.

One of the hunters lowered his backpack and took out a small black cube. He placed it on the ground, its structure changed, growing into a large safe.

The hunter holding the light animal began to turn the knob to find the safe’s combination. “We have seen you hunting these lands.”

Tomas frowned.

“You will no longer be able to take away the secrets of the forest,” said the hunter, as he opened the safe. “This little animal will go with us.”

Tomas watched the hunters place the brightly colored animal inside the box, then they closed it. The box began to get small and Tomas worried about the creature’s safety. “What are you going to do with it?”

“That’s not your problem,” said the hunter who had an eye patch. “You will have to find another place to get ideas.”

Tomas’s hunt only led him to find traces of the light animals. This was the first time he had seen one of the creatures in danger and he decided to face the hunters.

The metal-armed hunter took the small black square off the ground to put it in his backpack.

Tomas raised the pistol and fired.

The ammunition destroyed one of the hunter’s metal arms. The small black cube fell to the ground.

“You can never get him out of there in time,” said the eyepatch hunter and fired his weapon.

One of Tomas’s robots transformed and leapt to catch the cube before it hit the ground. Then the robot began to study cubes to find its secrets.

Tomas threw himself to the ground, avoiding being shot, and fired.

The hunters hid behind trees. “You’ll never get away with this,” said one of them.

The robots teamed up behind Tomas to find a way to rescue the trapped little light animal.

“Give back what doesn’t belong to you,” said the metal-armed hunter, as his arm became a bazooka.

“Hurry, open that box,” Tomas said, and shot the hunters.

Eventually the box returned to its natural size, one of the robots began to manipulate the lock, while the others cut the metal with lasers.

“Give back our trophies and no one will get hurt,” said the metal-armed hunter before firing.

The energy ball slammed into a tree, knocking it over with the explosion. Tomas felt the nearby heat and the characteristic smell of burnt wood.

“Hurry up,” said Tomas, “we have to get out of here.”

The robots managed to open the safe and the light animal jumped out. Tomas couldn’t believe the beauty of the creature. The colors changed with the movement of its fur.

The animal jumped on Tomas’s shoulder, and he felt the energy of the forest within him; ideas and information came faster than he could have imagined.

Tomas got up…somehow, his plastic pistol became an assault rifle. He turned his head to look at the animal on his shoulder and fired. The bullet glowed brightly, leaving a trail of light.

The hunters began to flee after the first explosion of light.

Tomas paused and noticed that the creature was still on his shoulder. “Do you want to be my friend?”

The light animal looked confused and tilted its head to the side. Then it jumped into the forest and disappeared.

Tomas returned home with new stories to share with his friends.

  1. There is a thin veil we cross in Tomas’ imagination as the toys transform all around him. The plastic pistol somehow became an assault rifle. I just imagine playing and then this child-like psychosis kicks in and all the delusions become a new reality. stories to take home and tell.

  2. This is an amazing 👏 story

    I can’t believe I’m reading exactly the action that takes place in my garden terrace just outside my bedroom window, everyday without fail after kindergarten.

    The only difference is those stories come alive in his mind every day.

    He just can’t wait to pack his bags to set out on his expedition with all his little ninjas to save whoever needs their help on the day.
    Most times I must taken on a character which he directs.

    I’m almost suggestion you watched this for real and then went to write ✍ 😳 😅

  3. I agree with everyone who said that this is a great story. Tomas is a little boy with a terrific imagination, and it is fun to follow him into the adventure he creates for himself.

  4. Sebastian, you’ve been reading and liking my posts, and I have been inattentive to your writing. I need to read you more. I like this!

  5. I love your imagination. I remember my own childhood when I would set up my GI Joe in a makeshift bunker under our backyard tree to stand guard. Of course, he didn’t come to life. Darn…

  6. Is there any limit to the quirkiness of your minds output? With what have your parents fed you as a child? Let me know, so I can introduce that diet to my grandchildren. Loved it thank you!

  7. This story is so unique and imaginative. It’s got a lot of promise and so engaging. I would just say there are ways to improve the pacing of this story, removing a bit of repetition, and it’a a shame that the formatting makes it difficult to read. That being said, it could be because I’m on my phone. If not, creating paragraphs would be a massive help.

  8. That was perfect!! It’s a different, exciting, fun, and seems to grasp the imagination of a child creating a story in their mind! I loved it, once again, you exceeded your imaginary capacities, great job!

  9. Ghost Boy…is that you? Well if it is, have you seen the mouth breather thats mimicking your ROGS blog? It’s undeniably hilarious! Check out Stop Gangstalking on WordPress. Is there any way to locate the real identity of bloggers ? I’d sure like to turn this bloggers electric off.

  10. Good telling as well as showing. Just clear up a few items: How many hunters are there? Be specific. Give more info about Thomas as to age and so forth. Nice story about an enchanted forest. It works.

  11. Hi,
    I just wanted to say hello and great story. Even though the story seemed to be a simple story of a child’s adventures, I could see the depth of the story. In a way, I think the story was trying to illustrate how sometimes adults destroy the innocence of children. How as a child, he has a way of finding the truly spectacular animals because of his childish wonderment. Also how his imagination was used as a superpower to keep him safe as he kept the secrets of the forest safe in his protection. I may be wrong, but that’s what I got from it. I also wanted to take a moment and say thank you for reading some of my blogs. It is nice to know that someone appreciates my voice and perspective. Thank you, as a fellow blogger.

  12. Thank you for liking my post. I haven’t been on social media for over 5 years. Recently I tried a social media platform, and I cannot see anything externally so I got off.

  13. Thank you, Sebastian, for liking my posts. I’ve truly enjoyed immersing my mind in your imagination! Makes me want to return to writing again.

  14. The beginning of the story felt ominous and in my mind’s eye I saw “little Tomas” as a boy in a cookie cutter house early one morning sneaking out of his home.

    But it changed quickly, I appreciated the cube used to capture the light creature, a unique tool I have not read about or seen before in science fiction, too cool.

    The end was humorous with the creature just disappearing after the friendship question, imho.

  15. Hi! Thank you for liking my recent post. I’m a neophyte when it comes to writing. I’d be definitely checking out your posts for inspo. Godspeed!

  16. I have watched you following my blogs so decided to take a proper look at yours. Interesting stories, ever thought about putting a book of short stories together? Will take more time to read your stories now I have closed down some of my own sites. Keep writing.

  17. Wow! I haven’t read all of your stories, but your talent is exceptional! I have subscribed and followed. And I appreciate your comment on my new blog. I am very new at this, and my blog looks nothing like yours! You are an amazing writer and I look forward to reading every story!

  18. Thanks for taking the time to read and like my blogs. Your blogs are so amazing. Just let your imagination go wherever it leads you and it may surprise you. I love what you have created for everyone! Kudos!

  19. Be a kind of person that people won’t be able hate you. Enjoy every moment. Be as much good as possible for you because remember Karma repays. Be in that group of people where every person will love your presence. In this world of two types of people, darling be the good one.

  20. Sebastian, this is the first time I have seen some of your work. It is impressive, and it seems like the fragments of a much larger saga. .. as if you are creating and accumulating material over time. Your writing also makes me wonder if you speak Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese. In any event I look forward to more, and wonder if you are the ghost of Isaac Asomov … just finished his I, Robot stories. Thanks for responding to my little posts on nwalmanac!

  21. “As he got closer, Tomas noticed that the hunters captured one of the creatures alive. Its bright colors flashed. Its fur moved as if the animal were underwater—it was impossible”

    Your writing is very deep
    And disturbing.
    I LOVE it!


  22. First off, kudos for the creative and prolific writing, and for the dedication and imagination that inspires others. The very cool images that head the stories are an added plus. Dig your style.
    Second, I have read a few of your stories over time but could not comment as I am not on any social media.
    However, on this .com I can!
    Deep thanks for your continued interest in my 00 site.
    Oh, and those toys in the Plastic Jungle. I designed them: https://bit.ly/3lrd2qU

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