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There’s a moment in life when the only thing one can do is forget about the troubles and relax.

The room with the first prototype of a time machine was huge.

“You’re right, doctor,” Jules said. “We’re only able to travel to the past.”

“Traveling through time is like throwing a rock,” Albert said. “We need something that can survive the crush.”

“But, doctor…” Jules said.

“We have to take our chances,” Albert said. “Our planet doesn’t have long—”

In reality, Earth was simply going through a transition. Although, the possibility of surviving the loss of it’s electromagnetic field was slim, and nobody knew why it happened.

“Doctor…” Jules said. “Do you believe life on Earth will end?”

“We don’t know for sure,” Albert said. “This time it’s different.”

“We’ve come out of bigger problems,” Jules said.

“Yes, but this time we don’t have a solution.”

Just like before, the world was going through a transition period. Humans had to find a way to adapt and survive.

“It may just be my pessimism,” Albert said, looking at the fertilization capsules. “This experiment will give humanity a new chance.”

“Do you think those children will survive alone?”

“That’s our only hope,” Albert said. “Prepare the time machine.”

The metal ring in the middle of the lab was lit and began to spin. The platform surrounding the room had some computers with their respective scientist evaluating the behavior of the wormhole.

“Keep it stable,” Albert said and walked over to the mechanical catapult that will launch the fertilization capsules into the portal.

“Doctor,” Jules said. “Do you think it all started like this? Are we condemned to repeat our mistakes?”

“I hope not,” said Albert. “Begin the countdown.”

Small screens showed the numbers, while the interior of the laboratory felt as if sucked into the wormhole. Just like being surrounded by a strong breeze creating a whirlpool.

“We won’t be able to keep it open for long,” Jules said.

The numbers slowly reached zero, and the mechanical catapult forcefully sent the fertilization capsules through the opening of the hole. Then silence.

“It worked?” Jules asked, and her reality was no longer relevant. Adam and Eve returned to paradise.

  1. Very much enjoyed this. Liked your pieces before but this one I find especially entertaining. I myself wrote of time travel several months ago but in a humorous vein and as you backwards only was possible. Your piece has undercurrents that should make your reader start to do some serious thinking though your electromagnetic shift is not man-made. Timely (no pun intended) and provocative. If one cares to think. Great write! Mui Gricias!

    1. Thanks. I think we can do it differently, but people need to push themselves to understand that we are all the same. What I give to others, I give to myself. What I keep, I take from myself.

  2. Namaste’ and bravo. I love the flow, I didn’t have to stop midway then go back up to the top and work my way back down slowly to understand your short story… well written. Maybe you already have a screenplay planned?

    1. Thanks, Loose Cannon. I’m sorry to tell you that I haven’t thought about a screenplay but now that you’ve mentioned it…I would love to see my stories turned into different art forms.

  3. Well written and provocative. It is very apt for where we are in the world, I feel. I so wish I had a working time machine!

  4. You’ve been so gracious, liking my work. Sorry it took so long for me to reciprocate. Very interesting premise. Ever do followups?

  5. Thanks for your like of my post, ” Tribulation Prophecies And Doctrine 11 – The Meaning Of Weeks 3. ;” you are very gracious.

  6. Fun story.
    But then again, who doesn’t love a time travel story. They’re like a bad romance, even after the actual relationship ends, something in us Reader’s head pops up a week later and says, “…no wait just a darn minute!!”

  7. For me, there is nothing more intriguing than the concept of time travel.
    Going back in time, perhaps way, way back…

    Would that not be the ultimate experience to experience?

    At the very least, I could discover where I lost my car keys.

    Just kiddin’

    Not making light.

    I loved your post Sebastián


  8. “This time it’s different.” This really stuck out to me… has this happened before in the story? Did people somehow survive? Or did they just assume it happened?

  9. Hi Sebastian – I thought I saw your face on the welding blog and it seemed like that was not where I see you. I’m glad the question drew me over to your place. The site is beautiful. And, your writing is awesome. I liked this one a lot. I felt the wind in the room. love, in lak’ech, Debra

  10. I really admire how you write so often. Your work ethic is extraordinary! How do you keep your creative juices flowing, and do you every run into writer’s block?

  11. I like this! Good stuff. What really stood out to me was how, you do a good job of distinguishing who is speaking, and splitting up the dialogue with action and thoughts. It’s surprising how many people forget to do this. One constructive criticism comment I’d like to say is, I thought there could be more tension in the characters here, more description of their emotions. Because this is a very historical event happening in your scene! Anyway, I like this. And thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  12. Very interesting take on time travel. The ending is especially unique, kind of reminded me of the robot in Vivy being sent back 100 years to prevent a war except in this case they send them way farther back.

  13. I really enjoyed this story. So much anticipation and excitement created in so few words!

  14. Adam and Eve back to Eden on this terra firma? They’ll make billions from Eden tourism.

    Great story!

    Thanks for liking for my posts. More grace to your elbows and especially the clicking fingers.

  15. Good work, keep it up. Fantasy is very exclusive (or should I say, inclusive) of the human mind & soul.

  16. Ja! This is great. It’s the first short time-travel story I’ve ever read. Some mix of your dry conversation hand-offs, quirky yet serious questions between counts, and especially the swing back to such a mythical ending kept me tied. You could lengthen and I don’t think I’d get bored–surprising to me! Thanks for sharing fellow blogger 🙂

  17. Good ending …Will history repeat itself? I don’t think I will get to know the answer to that but I’m guessing not ..”to err is human” so the saying goes …

  18. Wow as I was reading I felt like I was watching a Movie GOD’S has meaning Creative Minds which I think that is so Amazing !

  19. Although I’m a fan of books and I’m not used to reading on screens, your stories are captivating.
    Congratulations, it’s very good

  20. Hey Sebastian,
    From the beginning, I knew there was a deeper message in this story, concerning the current situation we are in. Evolution is in the air. Maybe your work is more than just fiction. Beautifully crafted though

  21. I am the author of verdugo288.Wordpress.com

    My blog has a very small audience …I don’t know how you found it. But I smile when I see you have been at the site and have “liked” some of the posts.

    I am certainly not as great of a writer as you but I see after reading some of your stuff here that when we write ….we both speak from the heart.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Verdugo 288 “The Kings of American Legion Baseball”

    I will stop by here as well and see what you’re up to with your stories. They’re great!


  22. Sebastian:

    You have written is another great story. I liked it very much. It seems like it could be a story about reincarnation, but on a planetary scale. It sounds like humanity is destined to come to an end, but just before sending Adam and Eve back to the beginning of time to start again.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  23. Science together with optimism gives humanity a chance to survive. The uncertainity part, ultimately learning by experimentation is a good theme to write about. It’s well written. Lovely ending!

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  25. Interesting idea if I understand it. The idea would be that people would originally have needed to develop humanity without parental guidance. Society somehow evolves. I suppose though that the answer would be evolution from an instinct based creature to a higher brain/cognitive functioning one. Would test tube babies be able do this with cognition overriding instinct? Would AI programming be the answer?

  26. thanks for the love sebastian . i love your snap of a woman in a pool. i love your topic of the world coming to an end. i do believe it will in the sense that God will destroy the world as we know it and remake it but not in the sense of some who think that something will happen then it will be over and life will continue for none of us . this is only true for non believers .

  27. I like to sit back and critique my thoughts, and sometimes I think we are all in a time warp ( travel ) of sorts, with little to no control. Intriguing and scary at the same time. I also see your stories a required reading if only to open up your mind and reflect but with so much more. Thank you ….. D

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