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Thinking about a proper way to move in the void of space, I came with the idea of navigating the gravitational currents in a sailing type of way.

Cruising the deep void of space were a group of pirates. Their ship’s power was low, they could only orbit a lifeless planet—waiting for an opportunity.

“Captain,” Mub Bear said. “A ship just appeared on our radars.”

Captain Red Riven approached Mob Bear and took the ship’s telescope. This is our ticket back home. “Prepare the equipment for a course change.”

“Captain,” said Three Legs Shark, the man in charge of the navigation equipment, “they appear to be using Axior’s orbit.”

“We have enough energy to reach them,” Mob Bear said.

“Lets teach those atmosphere pilots how it’s done in a vacuum of space,” Red Riven said.

“If we anchor from Alpha Tauri…we’ll be able to reach them with the precise speed,” Three Legs Shark said.

The captain approached the table projecting a map of the planetary system. He used the computer to verify if the calculations were correct.

“We are going to need 293 newtons,” said the captain. “Make sure you set the reactor at 32.01 degrees.”

“Right away my captain,” Three Legs Shark said and began to change the settings of the gravitational reactor.

“Everyone to your positions,” Red Riven said before returning to his chair and fastening his seatbelt. “Let the countdown begin.”

Speakers throughout the ship were activated to warn crew members that the gravitational reactor was about to be turned on. “The countdown to start the reactor has started. 10, 9…”

Silver Kraken’s crew looked for a seat to fasten their seatbelts. When the count ended, the gravitational force of the ship carried them at high speed in the direction of Alpha Tauri.

“Captain,” said Bushy Siren, “there’s a force changing our course.”

The captain inspected the computer in front of him and noticed a gravitational force affecting them. “Apparently, they’re trying to repel us with their reactor. TLS, I need you to find an anchor at 18 degrees.”

“Nothing that is within reachable distance,” Three Legs Shark replayed.

“Damn it,” the captain said, loosening his seatbelt. “Move TLS.”

Despite the turbulence, the captain reached the control post of the gravitational reactor.

So you want to play, he thought and changed the angle of the reactor.

The ship quickly changed course, being jerked to one side. Let’s see what they’ll do now, thought the captain.

Over and over again he changed the gravitational reactor anchor points, causing the ship to adjust to the force repealing it and eventually approach its target.

“We almost have them captain,” Bushy Siren said.

This is not my first rodeo, the captain thought.

“Our ship won’t handle this much longer,” Mob Bear said.

“Just a little more,” the captain said, re-angling the gravitational reactor and causing the ship to drastically change course, again.

They drifted through different gravitational currents. Trying to evade the force coming from the ship they were pursuing. Luckily, captain Red Riven was one of the best pilots the vacuum of space has ever had.

“They’re not getting rid of us so easily,” the captain said when he finally found himself within range of the ship. “Communicate with them.”

“Right away,” Bushy Siren said.

“Greetings, this is the captain of the Silver Kraken. We’ve got all our weapons pointed in your direction. Surrender your ship or we’ll be forced to open fire.”

  1. Your writing voice is really unique and exciting to read. Your stories distract me from my everyday problems, which is difficult to do. Have a fabulous day! 🙂

    1. I’m always happy to hear a compliment for my writing voice, it’s the fruit of my work and I’m very proud of it. I will keep the words coming and let you visit my universe any time you like.

  2. wow i have not read something this good in months, perhaps making something out of space and planets really gets me going you know, i’ve always loved space even from a small age of 6 years. i like your post keep it up.

      1. Thank you also. You know i think you would be a great fit for our team here at Daily, how about i send you an invite to make post and publish post on our behalf. If you do this you will receive a microsoft powerpoint on 5 Ways To Be More Productive. Much is appreciated.

  3. I’m fascinated by outer space, especially deep space travel in my dreams. I enjoy sci-fi stories like this! Is there going to be a sequel? Just kidding! …Well done! That’s great.

    1. J Clarence, I’m glad to hear that this story was made for you. The truth is that I really want to write more sci-fi stories and maybe a sequel. I would like the work you do on your blog, thank you for sharing your findings.

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