Dark Light
Secrets hidden in the dark emerge, causing chaos. The world trembles, but life goes on. Despite the turmoil, there’s still hope and purpose.
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  1. A surreal scene leaving the reader waiting for the reappearance of a knight, a mistress, and the clarity of daylight.

  2. Absorbing. It draws you into the story and you want to hear more about what is going to happen. Vivid pictures of the characters and setting.

  3. This is like a story of everyone’s life put in a beautiful mix of words, Sebastian. We all have dreams that are most often times very far from our reality, and we never stop thinking about them until sometimes, we just lose it. Lucid dreams can happen to the best of us. 🙂 Keep writing please. 🙂

  4. There’s so much one can offer through the medium of dreams. Thoughts and deeper understandings come to all of us as visions and intuitive insights into worlds that lie beyond the one we now live in. It takes a good writer to put these ‘unspeakable’ insights into a clearly defined form that all can understand, or at least glmpse. Thank you for sharing your short story, Sebastian, it held the attention.

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