Dark Light
Despite the insistence, life goes on its way and no one can interfere with its progress. Nevertheless, trying it is the dream of all those who live in the past.

Tosh struggled to stand up, the impact from the blast had left him disoriented and vulnerable on the ground for what felt like an eternity. The air around him was buzzing with the hum of magical energy as the other children in the school practiced using their powers. Some threw balls of shimmering light from their fingers, while others froze their classmates’ clothes with a flick of their wrists. The magic show was truly amazing, even for the experienced teachers.

The new generations had grown up with magic, a gift that set them apart from the rest of the world. They were the first generation to be introduced to magic from birth, and their days revolved around playing tricks that even the most powerful wizards struggled to solve.

The world had changed quickly, magic that had once been the exclusive domain of a select few was now available to everyone. No one had anticipated that the spread of magic would bring about such an incredible level of freedom. The world was now more connected than ever before, and communication barriers had all but disappeared. Magic had opened the minds of people everywhere, but the children who were born with it still didn’t fully comprehend the depth of what others had discovered. For them, magic was just another tool for their entertainment, a way to discover the limits of their growing bodies.

However, it didn’t take long before the great wizards noticed the problem that magic was beginning to cause. Knowledge was too extensive, and the young, curious minds of the children couldn’t stop exploring. Families started to separate, and communication between them became difficult. Witches from all corners of the world watched helplessly as their children drifted away from reality.

Magic was not everything, but for a developing mind, it was easy to become obsessed. It was incredible to see what new minds could achieve with a few years of practicing magic, but magic without developing other mental skills was ultimately pointless.

The magic committee met to discuss the problem that was tormenting the world. They recognized that the future of a child who had not learned the rules of behavior in the wizarding society was in danger of failure. The failure of the new generations could create a crisis that could destabilize the source of magic, and that would be the opposite of what was intended.

But no one could have imagined what would happen next. The town of Kuraka was suddenly cursed with a spell that made magic completely useless. Overnight, young wizards lost their abilities and woke up in a strange, disconnected world. They were terrified by the sudden change, unable to comprehend the loss of their magical abilities.

In school, the once-cheerful smiles of the young magicians experimenting with their magic were nowhere to be found. They were afraid and focused only on their loss. Day after day, they lamented and demanded that a solution be found for the curse that tormented them.

Their pleas fell on deaf ears, and the young magicians were forced to find a solution on their own. It was then that they discovered the elders who surrounded the city, responsible for the curse. The young ones quickly found a solution and went beyond the city’s borders, beyond the curse, and the control of their elders.

Thus began the story of Issac, a rebellious young man who led the young ones against the unfair laws of the elders, starting a revolution.

The first blow came as a surprise. With a clear mission in mind, the young ones focused on developing their talents for revenge. They only had to show the world that it was the elders who were behind the curse attacking the people. They only had to disable the magicians casting the curse and reveal the truth to others.

Months of anticipation and training culminated in a moment of reckoning for the young ones. With a clear objective in mind, they banded together and marched toward the city’s center. Their determination was palpable, their hearts racing with adrenaline.

As they reached their destination, they were met with a formidable defense. The elders, who had cast the curse, stood in their way, ready to fight tooth and nail to maintain their grip on power. But the young ones were not deterred. They had been preparing for this moment for a long time, and they were not going to back down now.

The most powerful among them stepped forward, their eyes blazing with intensity. They unleashed their magical abilities with a ferocity that caught the elders off guard. Spells collided in mid-air, creating explosions that shook the very ground they stood on.

While the elders were distracted, others among the young ones sprang into action. They activated their prepared portals, and in a dazzling display of magic, transported the elders to different schools across the land.

As the curse lifted and magic was restored, the young ones emerged victorious, having shown the world the truth about the situation. However, despite their success, the trust that once existed between the great magicians and their young apprentices was forever damaged. The elders could not help but regret their mistake, knowing that their actions had caused harm to those they were supposed to protect.

Despite the setback, life went on, and the magic in the hands of the new generation flourished beyond expectations. The young ones had proven that they were capable of taking matters into their own hands and steering the course of their destiny. They had shown that magic could be a tool for positive change and that it was up to them to use it wisely.

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