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Even while maintaining composure in our actions there are times when staying calm becomes impossible, even worse when a confrontation is sought.

While desperately searching for a path within a road filled with traps, life gets even more complex. Our hero was hidden at the edge of a ravine. He pretended that his shadow is part of the hill. I know that following orders is the right thing to do. Despite that, Lionheart continued to hold his ground. Studying the movements of the beasts that guarded the cave’s entrance.

Lionheart reasoned with himself to find the courage. He was supposed to jump over the guards and clear the entrance. A simple task as long as he ccould enrage himself. He needed to reach that state of mind when everything becomes a blur—letting his anger get to him.

The green-skinned creatures guarding the entrance were humanoid alligators under the banner of King RedScale—ruler of these lands. The Aligotarians were bulky, green-scaled beings with large alligator heads. They used simple leather straps to hold the huge maces or axes. The top of their heads were covered in a lighter shade of green scales that continued until the tip of their tails.

A royal shipment from the High Kingdom of Itaca passing through the lands of the Aligotarian had despaired. Reports indicated that the shipment was being held in the cave that Lionheart was ordered to infiltrate.

With no other choice, Lionheart adjusted the leather straps around his muscular body, then tied his curly black hair into a tail, drew his greatsword from his back, and ran to the edge of the ravine. He made the necessary calculations in mid-air. His path was in the perfect direction to collide with one of the Aligotarians. Lionheart did not expect to see the creature take a step to the side. Instead of crashing into it, Lionheart brushed past the creature before hitting the ground.

The Aligotarian flinched as an object brushed past him, then turned to see it crash.

The second guard approached his partner in search of an answer. The two Aligotarian looked at each other in confusion. Then saw the stranger struggling to get up. The Aligotarian analyzed the situation to react according to their orders. They were sure that no one would know that they were guarding the loot.

“Are you okay, sir?” asked Timton, the Aligotarian who avoided being hit by the stranger.

“Is there anything that we can do for you?” asked Pomtom.

Lionheart continued to search for a reason to arouse his anger. The fall had been easier than he expected. Now the Aligotarians were being too friendly. Lionheart was unable to ignite the fire within him.

“Do you have any injuries that require immediate attention?” Timton asked.

Lionheart approached the oversize crocodiles, he was at least a foot shorter than them. “I know you are hiding the stolen loot from the High Kingdom of Itaca. But, I’d be willing to spare your lives if you hand it over to me now.”

“We are here on behalf of His Majesty the RedScale King, to guard the entrance to this sacred cave.”

“Then you wouldn’t mind if I look around,” Lionheart added, sheathed his greatsword.

“Of course,” Timton said. “Xorgas, is a sacred cave open to the public.”

Lionheart looked at the Aligotarians curiously. He knew they were lying. Otherwise, the information he received would have been incorrect. It was better to walk around the place before ending their lives.

The walk through the caves left him even more confused. Lionheart wasn’t able to enrage. He knew that the way to find what he sought was through his power. For some reason, he was having a hard time concentrating.

The time accompanied by Timton and Pomtom passed quickly. Lionheart couldn’t believe how much fun it was to hang out with them. The Aligotarians returned to their posts to continue guarding the cave entrance.

“Is there anything else we can help you with?” Timton asked.

“To tell you the truth I don’t have any more clues,” Lionheart said. “I was hoping to find something that would help me complete my mission.”

“I think adventurers are just employees who are willing to do anything for money,” said Pomtom.

“It’s a little more complex than that,” Lionheart said. “We even have a department in charge of verifying the veracity of the information.”

“Could be,” Pomtom said.

Lionheart did not understand where the sensations he was beginning to feel came from. Something in the tone of the Aligotarian’s voice began to bother him.

“Everyone makes mistakes,” Timton added.

Lionheart was unaware that his vision began to blur. A noise took over his thoughts and he found it impossible to contain himself. He drew the greatsword from his back and a spark lit up his eyes.

The Aligotarians didn’t have a chance to defend themselves. Lionheart attacked out of emotions. His body was victimized by chemicals that he never learned to control. The blood of the other creatures splattered with each blow. An alarm began to sound.

Out of nowhere, more Aligotarians appeared to join the fight. One by one they approached Lionheart to follow King RedScale’s orders and protect the treasure. Lionheart completely lost control.

By the time Lionheart regained control of his actions, the slaughter was over. His body and weapon were covered in blood. The much-needed treasure was only a few steps away from him. Lionheart produced a small wooden coin from one of his pouches. Instantly he opened a portal and before long a sorcerer from the High Kingdom of Itaca appeared.

“What happened?” Abracadabrus asked in shock at the massacre.

Lionheart ignored the question. “There’s your lost treasure,” he said, pointing with his bloody arm. He then walked towards the portal and disappeared.

Soldiers were shocked by the scene the adventurer left behind. Fighting against such a man would be madness.

Lionheart could not recall the details of his deed. He just wanted to sit down and breathe. His body was on the verge of exhaustion. He dragged the greatsword out of the portal room. He walked with what little strength he had left until reaching the garden outside the mage tower. There, Lionheart slept for hours.

  1. Very good Sebastian… 👏🏻
    I know that place… when you function purely on emotions. The anger, rage and pain all collide together…I’ve always had this right from young.
    It reminds me of Stranger Things… El in particular….

  2. I wonder why Lion Heart doesn’t remember the details of what entailed. I’m sure he’s been in many situations like that before. Love it!

  3. Great adventure Sebastian. Thank you.
    Ahh, the closing mystery is heartfelt. Why the rage? But more still, What a rage!

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