Under the Dark Sun

After a minor intrusion into the tower of darkness, our heroes return home to find out what has happened since their departure.

Anything for a Kiss

The story of another day in the life of a heroine who continues trying to be part of a world that doesn't understand her.

Breaking the Chains

If you disagree with the actions of your leaders, it's time to stop using their currency.

Path in the Shadows

Juggling wisdom and knowledge we make our way through a dark world, hoping for a light at the end of the journey.


There are people who discover advantages in the least expected places. Making good use of them is a great way to develop their talents.

Piercing the Shadows

Being mindful of our thoughts is a great way to direct our life on the desired path, instead of becoming a victim of circumstance.

The Blue Menace

Following the captain's adventure against the blue invaders. Eager to discover the function of the ethereal sphere and the fate of his crew.

The Shape of Your Dreams

Thinking outside the box may not be the right way to solve all problems, but in desperate situations it could provide unexpected solutions.

Format C:

Sometimes situations seem like too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, even if they are. Enjoy a new adventure of the captain and his crew.

Blue Sails

Taking a journey to the edge of the world because sometimes hearing a legend is not enough to believe it.