Future’s Cold Hand

By letting things take their course, it is possible to find unattainable surprises. Accepting your path is difficult when you can see mistakes in others.

Devil’s Trap

Lost within a labyrinth of his own mind, anyone can walk in circles for an eternity. Ideas are often unrelated to reality and tend to fall apart.

Shadows that Follow

Experiences with the world limit the perspective to understand the lives of others. Some of us are unable to deal with our demons.

The Hunter

Being aware of our capability is all we need, it's necessary to stop and appreciate everything before continuing. Just like Simon when he woke up.

The beast in the corner

The tale of a man who would rather be in a different situation, someone with a gift he's not allowed to use in a place he can't remember.

Another Night

A wanted man looks for a place to spend the night, until the heat is off his back, and ends up starting something he didn't imagine.


I wrote this story thinking about a night in the woods I can barely remember, the day that everything changed.

Dangerous curiosity

The story of a man that let himself be manipulated by his ideas, a man looking for answers in the wrong place.

In pieces

The story of a man waking up without a clue of what had happened to him, curious to discover the secrets.