Dark Light
Juggling wisdom and knowledge we make our way through a dark world, hoping for a light at the end of the journey.

Reginald emerged from Zurkaks with his sword Calamity dangling from his waist. As he stepped away from the shadows, he drew the greatsword to see its black blade gleaming in the rays of the sun.

I have to discover its secrets, the young prince thought, before finding a practice dummy and walking towards it.

Holding Calamity with both hands, Reginald brandished his sword, leaving a black trail in its path. He destroys the practice dummy on impact.

The young prince continued practicing, spinning and attacking…when he heard a voice.

“Reginald,” Aslan whispered from a bush.

Reginald’s mind disconnected. He was finally able to let go of the pain over what had happened with his father. After shaking his head, Reginald walked over to the bush.

“Did you find anything that can help us?” Aslan asked.

“I’m going to need more time,” Reginald said, looking at his sword.

“What are you wearing?” Aslan asked.

“I had to find a way to blend in,” Reginald said.

“Good work,” Aslan said, “but the kingdom is in danger. We need to get out of here.”

Reginald felt a strength inside him: the memory of the pain caused by his father, this would be the perfect opportunity to show what he is capable of. “Let’s go.”

Aslan walked over to the horses, hoping Reginald had some information to help them, but the young prince didn’t seem too talkative.

“Anyway…what happened to you?” Aslan said.

“It wasn’t difficult to pretend that I was one of them,” Reginald said, “but I’m going to need more time to uncover their secrets.”

“Time is a luxury we don’t have,” Aslan said.

To the surprise of the knight of light, two guards of darkness were inspecting the horses.

“He is a knight of light,” said one of the guards.

Aslan drew his sword Radiance and grabbed the book hanging from his waist. “Light, protect me.”

Before Aslan had a chance to attack, Reginald passed by him.

Calamity left a trail of darkness before crashing into the guard’s weapon. The clash of black bladed swords turned the atmosphere cold and mysterious.

Aslan was surprised to feel the same chill that he felt in his battle with Ivan.

Reginald spun and attacked again. The impact of the swords threw his opponent to the ground. Then he focused on the other guard.

The black bladed swords clash. Reginald continued stepping forward, pushing his opponent with the force of his attacks.

Aslan looked with surprise. This was the first time he had seen Reginald demonstrate such strength.

The first guard got up and Aslan attacked him. The knight of light fought with ease until he wounded his opponent.

Reginald swung his sword with such force that the guard crashed into a tree before falling unconscious to the ground. He then turned and ran to his horse—leaping to mount it. “We have to get out of here.”

Aslan untied the knots that bound the horses and climbed onto his to follow Reginald.

The prince galloped through the forest. Guiding his horse to find the best way out. Fearing the cold gaze of Lady Night.

  1. Aslan is such a valiant character. That was a great fight in the episode ‘when the light falls’

    I like his name as well.
    Reginald showing his prowess as well but i don’t get the trail of darkness he leaves behind

    But let’s see how Calamity and Radiance make it through the forest with the clawing Lady Night on their backs.

    I so wish Moniker would talk more about the accuracy in here. I would love to see what she sees.

    Great show of swords here.

  2. It is great to experience Reginald evolving into his strength and purpose more fearlessly. He is stepping into his power as he emerges more and more out of the darkness! He’s taking us with him!😊👍🏼

  3. I very much enjoy reading the samplings you provide. They set my writing gears in motion. For example, when you wrote ‘black blade’ I was expecting silver. The gleam off the black also threw me off guard. I kept thinking about how black steel would blunt the light, absorb it. So, I began to envision something like obsidian. I also very much appreciated Reginald channelling his pain into something workable and I felt that Aslan’s presence was behind it. Gah, there’s just so much to read into here! Excellent work.

  4. You seem to use Grammarly. Back before Grammarly, anyone could have a path to power and influence, through writing. And then, a single communications student, took over the entire internet, by stealing from people he had run off the road, with calls to the hospital 911 services, changing life forever. Now, to fight him and his evil minions, all people that think they’re him during a phone call, we have Grammarly. Sir, I would like to offer you, the method to be Lucifer, this man that you fear in all your writing. Steal the syntax punctution, from the author of your choice, only one, and briefly study (on your own time of course), his work. Not a woman’s work, that’s what the dictator of the internet, a French CEO selling shipping crates (plastic crates) did.

  5. So, you took these names from older stories? Aslan from Narnia; Sir Reginald (of the Round Table, I believe); and (of course) Calamity Jane? I need to sit some day and read the previous episodes instead of just popping in and out.

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  7. Renato, you are treating your admirers to a starving diet of suspense, causing us to bite our fingernails and the danger of high blood pressure.

  8. You had a wonderful imagination and put it altogether so beautifully that one can start visualising the whole incident. Keep writing and keep sharing.

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