Dark Light
Thinking outside the box may not be the right way to solve all problems, but in desperate situations it could provide unexpected solutions.

Ivan couldn’t sleep that night. He waited in front of the fireplace, watching the fire dance. His mind was lost in a labyrinth created by alcohol; without the ability to connect his thoughts. Enjoying the silence of the mind while the pirates interact with each other like children discovering fun. The tavern’s warmth protected them, while the cold of night left with the breeze of dawn: freezing those who remained on guard.

The blue metal ships have not been seen again. The possibility of them hiding beyond the sight of the most advanced telescopes was unlikely. After all, the only thing that can disappear on the horizon of the flat earth must be hiding behind something else.

Jonas’ testimony was shocking. He tried to harness the power of air currents to outrun them…the blue metal ship didn’t even raise its sails. It was clearly moved by dark magic.

Ivan waited for dawn before visiting Durisa—the witch of Sapphire island. She could have an answer from the spirits realm. She was the captain’s only way to understand what was happening. Ivan set out on his journey to the haunted cabin at the other end of the island.

This was not the first time that Ivan had visited Durisa. Somehow, he knew this time would be different.

“Come in, Ivan,” Durisa said, before the captain entered the small house by the sea. “I was waiting for you.”

Ivan frowned.

“The answers you are looking for do not want to be discovered,” Durisa said.

Ivan watched the pale-skinned woman close a large book. Then, he saw her walk around a table full of potion jars. The witch was wearing a torn dress that showed too much of her body.

“Here is the path that will lead you to them,” Durisa said.

“I’ve decided to stop drinking your concoctions,” Ivan said as he turned to leave.

“I know you have one of the invaders’ weapons,” Durisa said.

“Rumors travel fast,” Ivan said and stopped.

“No one on this planet has the knowledge you need,” Durisa said. “To find it you will have to travel alone. The contents of this vial will be your entry key. It is up to you to discover what you need.”

“I’m tired of these trips,” Ivan said, then went over to Durisa and took the small glass container. “Let it be for the good of humanity.”

Durisa was able to see energy coming out of the small vial in Ivan’s hands—a constant stream of colored smoke. The perfect combination of substances added to a Huachuma base. A drink known to many as the key to heaven.

Ivan drank the liquid without thinking about what might happen. Realizing that nothing was wrong, he looked curiously at Durisa. “Done, now what?”

Durisa looked at Ivan curiously. “Follow me, you better lie down.”

Ivan followed the witch into a dark room. There he found a place to lie down.

“This journey will be as long as it takes,” Durisa said. “Although in the time of the earth you will return at noon. I will take care of you.”

Ivan began to feel the effect of the chemical in his brain. Little by little his senses were weakened, losing the ability to experience existence. Ivan’s mind filled in the empty spaces left by his impaired eyesight; colors and shapes that only Ivan could see appeared.

As time passed, the chemical continued to invade Ivan’s body until he lost total connection with reality. He couldn’t even decipher the position of his body. For him the world stopped being what the senses perceive and the limits of his physical body disappeared.

Ivan found himself within a cloud of colors that nourish each other and emanate delicious fragrances.

Time passed and the lack of stimuli made Ivan’s mind lose its sense of itself. Having a coherent thought was impossible, but accepting that you are part of a single universe became easy. Without his senses, Ivan was part of everything…until a black cloud invaded his tranquility.

Ivan was surprised to notice the sudden change. His mind regained control for an instant, bringing him back to reality.

The room was filled with creatures that Ivan’s mind created from all the objects around him.

“Capitan”, Jostas said, “the blue-blooded beings are approaching.”

Ivan focused his mind until he could make out Jostas. “Take me with you.”

Durisa stood in front of the captain. “You are in no condition to go out.”

“My crew needs me,” Ivan said and walked towards Jostas.

The captain allowed himself to be guided through the undergrowth between the witch’s house and the docks. On the way he saw animals created by his imagination in the bushes; these figures moved, walked and looked at him. Ivan noticed that they seemed friendly and were roaming carelessly.

Upon reaching the dock, Ivan found the Land Lover’s pirates waiting. “We know they can bleed,” Ivan said. “Let’s see what they are made of.”

Ivan was the first to board and headed for the helm. The rest of the pirates took their places. “Have the cannons ready.”

Once the ship sailed, Ivan noticed that the sea was also full of beings that he had never seen before. Like the leaves of the undergrowth, Ivan’s mind filled the empty spaces: creating animals with the waves.

Ivan struggled to stay connected to reality. Realizing that his senses continued to lose strength. He took a blue metal bar out of his bag and placed it on the helm. Then he imagined the metal covering the entire boat, certain that that would be the only way to survive the attack.

Instead, Ivan noticed that he was now holding a small metal sphere. He tried to turn it into a different object; the blue metal tried to transform but turned back into a ball.

Jostas stared in amazement at the object the captain was holding in the palm of his hand. The metal seemed to change in size with a vibration that made it seem ethereal. Jostas had to rub his eyes before looking at it again. The object could not maintain a stable position; it disappeared in brief intervals.

Ivan saw a solid blue metal sphere in his hand, while his senses continued to lose connection with reality. Frustrated by the futility of his attempt, he tucked the sphere into his bag and continued to direct the Land Lover toward the blue metal ship.

  1. I don’t know if my mind is too busy with other things or I am just having a hard time sinking into your world to visualize it.

    I’t is still quite nice. You have a vivid imagination.

  2. The story is jumbled. It seems to begin in the middle paragraph, not the beginning paragraph which gives the impression of being jumbled. Editing is as important as the story itself. The story is basically good, but don’t get ahead of your narrative and assume that your reader is a mind reader of sorts.

  3. Thank you so much Sébastien for your encouragement! And congratulations for you the beautiful blog you have!! I would like to ask if there is any Facebook group where Can I share my posts with the interested people in blogging! Thank youuu 🙏🏻

  4. It’s a very interesting read, and could be expanded into a novel, or novelette. Keep writing. Practice your craft. You will be surprised how much it frees your mind, allowing you to explore the good, the evil, and all parts of you, even those you don’t yet know.

  5. Nice work, Sebastian! I agree that alcohol does have disassociative, odd effects on the mind. Thank you for reading one of my works as well! Cheers!

  6. Yep, that one left my imagination hanging, wanting more of this tale.
    I coulda went on and on for this ride here, great situational descriptions that brought me deep into the story like I was there.

    Great job, thanx Sebastian!

  7. The mind is a very power tool.

    Some will try to poison other people’s minds either to make them fit into the majority mentality, to destroy them, to control them, or to jumble them from knowing too much of what they may already know.

    It is important to not sip on other people’s concoctions but to mix and only drink from one’s own. When you eat strange foods from others you become a foreigner to your own place of familiarity.

    The influence of others cannot distort a strong mind. And the strong mind of one will not be captured by the illusions or manipulations around them.

  8. Shape of your dream? I don’t get it! Perdon and I read everything in the story. Where is the shape of the dream? Different title helps tremendously. No judgment like Planet Fitness be well 🙏

  9. Oh Sebastian your writings have captured me where are the books they are from you must be writing. Creative hands will be blessed. Good job thank you for reading mine too.

  10. Relived my imagination and another dimension that appears to exist in reality. My friend, you have a fantastic imagination. Thank you my friend for sharing your piece.

  11. I am enjoying this story, but I find myself trying to connect the dots. I understand that Ivan’s consciousness is spotty and uncontrolled by reason, but as a reader, I am feeling disconnected too. I hope that the next installment will ground the world you’re presenting, at least to the extent where I do not decide that Ivan’s adventure is too demanding. I just need some reassurance as a reader.

  12. I enjoyed this. A mixture of favorite tropes and themes. The paving was a bit quick; it seems to ask for a little more depth to the scenes but it was enough to draw me in. Hope to read more of this tale!

  13. Wow, I am left in awe. You are mad talented, it’s insane lol You see, that feeling of numbness you’re describing, being disconnected from reality, I relate on so many levels, no pun intended. This text should be the next thing! Amazement here.

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