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A tragic story that should serve as an example for all of us on the path of life. Fighting against a wall is not always the best way forward.
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  1. The philanthropist turned madman reminds me of my country, there was a man like that named fela anikulapo kuti…..I wasn’t anywhere near born then but the stories and interpretations of his songs filled that page for me……he was like a madman to the world but not to people who truly understands him….I really like your story’s depiction…

  2. And then they saw the brief contrail of the drone as it dove. There was an old Russian T40 parked outside the auditorium that was now the target and theo made a quick course correction. Swerving down the alley it seemed for a moment the drone was out of sight and engage with the old tank. They abandoned the car and cautiously, on their knees, looked around the corner at the battle………

  3. This story rings so true and is inspirational. Theo is a true hero, taking on the established powers but finding how entrenched they are. It is a story rooted in our times and is written by someone in touch who knows how to tell a story. This may just be your best.

  4. Isn’t it scary how easily the powers that be can win a battle. Living proof that the real enemy is the chaos of ignorance. I feel that in chaos the one that creates it has the greatest level of control. Governments know that and ignorance to the true source of their power is what keeps them alive.

  5. I see myself going through similiar phases in life, which at times seems like a rebellian against my own system “feeling inadequate” and then a fight against the larger economic system “not giving me what I wish to be given” but then also finding pleasure and fortune in it, which is that it provides me with safety and opportunity too. Seems like a never ending dance and the question of how much to adopt and how much not to adopt.

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