Dark Light
Life is simpler than we imagine, but the path becomes impossible without our full and dedicated concentration on the present.

Anxiety hits me hard every time I have to go outside. Sunny invited me and some other friends to his house; I couldn’t refuse. I got dressed and mustered the courage I needed to leave my sweet library.

Sunny picked me up… by the time we got to his house, everyone was already there. The place was so big, like a small castle, full of wooden details and old furniture.

He showed us all the rooms in the mansion. At our request, of course, each room seemed bigger than my entire house and more beautiful than any place I’d ever seen.

The room that made me lose my breath was the library. A round room full of books, ceiling to floor, all around us. There was a desk with a chair in the middle, Sunny said that’s where his father reads.

While looking at the books I saw something, exactly in front of the chair, there was a book that I recognized on the fifth shelf. I walked over to get a closer look at it, without touching it, making sure it was the book I was thinking of.

Sunny and the others were ready to leave and watch the movie, but I wasn’t.

“I’ll check the library for a few minutes if it’s okay with you,” I said.

“Of course,” Sunny said, “call me when you’re done.”

After a few minutes, I heard the door, looked back and saw Sunny’s father. “Hello sir, I am friends with Sunny…I have a question for you.”

He smiled and took a seat in his chair, he was dressed in a black suit with red details, with a long white beard.

“You must be Flower,” he said. “Sunny talks fondly of you. Nice to meet you, I’m Mack.”

I nodded. “Where did you get that book from?” I say pointing to the book. “I have it too and the author never signed it, it’s my favourite book.”

He looked at me with his eyes wide open. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he said, then stood up and grabbed the book from the shelf.

Mack was not the type of person you meet regularly. There was something mysterious about Sunny’s father. “Try me… you will be surprised,” I said.

“Come with me,” Mack said.

His broad shoulders under the coat of his suit made him look almost twice the size of Sunny. “Sit with me,” he finally said and turned around.

I sat on the edge of a sofa and waited for him…

“It all started when I met Gustaf Lottie,” he said, sitting on a couch to my right and handing me the book. “I was sceptical of the supernatural before I met him.”

“You are friends with the author,” I said, pressing the book against my chest.

“You can say that,” he said, looking away for an instant. “We became very close after what happened.”

“Please tell me more.”

“I had a day to burn in Morocco,” he continued, “but I got bored of the same tour of the city as anywhere else. I found an advertisement for an expedition to the countryside. Just a couple of hours away. I needed to clear my mind…”

He stopped and looked at the bookshelf.

“I never thought Gustaf Lottie would have been my guide. He was not a very well known writer at the time. I think he was just trying to make a living while he mastered his craft.”

“How long have you known him?” I asked and thought it was silly of me to interrupt.

“It’s been almost ten years,” he said and looked at me. “There is more to him than meets the eye. He has been trained as a shaman, but I did not know it at the time…”

Mack paused, remembering.

“Anyway, we met in a park and we immediately hit it off like he was an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while. His ease with words was incredible. At that moment, I knew he wasn’t the usual guide.”

Mack got up and looked at me smiling. “Follow me, Flower,” he said. “There’s something I would like to show you.”

He grabbed a book from his shelf and a secret door opened. Mack’s dark brown shoes seemed to drown in the wood of the staircase below. He reached a black door, opened it and turned on the light.

“All the books he has written are here…”

“This is amazing, a treasure, a gold mine.”

Mack took a book and handed it to me.

“This is my favourite, On Gustaf Lottie’s Waves of Immortality. His last book.”

“What happened to him? Where is he now?”

“Unfortunately… in an old cemetery. He died last year. We finished the book a week before his death.”

“Us?” I asked, looking around at all the old books.

“Yes, we… he taught me how to write a good book. He was a supernatural entity, you know? He lived many more years than I could count. He was aware of most of the events that happened on this earth.”

“What was he? How could he live longer than humans do?”

“That’s not something I can tell you, maybe he will, somehow.”

Every word Mack said taught me something and I became more confused: he spoke clearly and yet not.

Mack pulled out a bottle of whiskey from under the ladder, the ladder used to reach the upper books, opened it and took a sip.

“He was a god or something. Gustaf Lottie knew the way and taught me how to find mine.

“You see… Gustaf Lottie did more than take me on a journey to the countryside. Although, I never thought we would find the most amazing waterfall… Anyway, he knew the ways of the Earth.”

He paused and looked into the old bottle of whiskey.

“Gustaf healed me that day,” he finally said. “We don’t know anything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Our planet, it has been around for millions of years. He knew how to tap into the information of the world’s history.”

“But how?”

“Gustaf talked about a key,” Mack said, “a door to the archives. He was able to access information… all these books are nothing. He told me that the eternal consciousness of the planet is at our reach. We just needed to heal ourselves.

“He healed me. I saw him gather energy with his palms and heal my psychological wounds. After my trip with him, I was never the same.

“All this wealth… everything I own came after meeting him. We get lost easily. Following our path requires focus and complete dedication. Not a step of our lives can be taken without careful attention.

“I lost my way a couple of times after meeting Gustaf. He was the only one I knew who was able to steer me back.

“Every century has a guide, he told me—he was our generation’s.”

“But you told me he lived for longer than any other human,” I said and immediately regretted it.

“Our world needed him… that’s why he was given the power to heal. Without him, there would be no human race.

“Money came easily after I met him. My purpose was to be his eyes. Not many knew this about Gustaf but he was blind.”

“Really?” I said in surprise. “But how?”

“He could not complete his task without the help of another. I became his eyes and we wrote all these books to heal the world.

“I haven’t finished my task. But I hope to see him soon.”

A collaboration with BurnHeaven.com

    1. Who is there we have not meant. It’s a very big truth. YOUR comment made my day. Until we have meant people who truly carry knowledge then we realize we know nothing yet. I craves for more knowledge and wisdom every minute.

      1. I have friends who I could sit and talk with for hours because their understanding of things that are new to me fascinate me. Depending on the topic I hunger for more of what they know. The universe is an amazing place filled with wonders if we would only open ourselves up to them.

        1. After i read your comment, i began to pound on what you wrote and i check and it really just defines what i do. I hunger i meet people globally. All i just need is knowledge. After i doped out from School my inquisitive to know more aggravated. God bless you ma’am!

  1. That’s the sort of library I dream of. The akashic record, a shaman, healer and beautifully written. Nice texture and reflection of the unseen world. Thank you for sharing your gift. It inspired me to begin sharing my own.

  2. this is an interesting story, but it needs a prequil so that the characters can be established. For instance the father’s name came to late in the narrative. And is Sunny male or female or transgender? This matters to which genre to are aiming your story at. Another rewrite would help straighten this out. Stephen King’s book on writing, I forget the title, is the best book I’ve ever read on the rewrite. The book is part autobiography/memoir and writing lessons. You basic story is good, but can be improved.

  3. We have been under the dictatorship of rationality for approximately 250 years; ignoring that mysticism had guided humanity the previous hundred thousand years. As you have made your point so fittingly, that cannot be ignored so easily.

  4. “Following our path requires focus and complete dedication.
    Not a step of our lives can be taken without careful attention.”

    1. I simultaneously agree and disagree with your premise. Introspection is quite important. However, I am reminded of Alan Watt’s teachings. If a person stays in their logic and rationale all the time they’re likely to miss out on opportunities no? I could be wrong. It’s just that his work resonates a great deal. “Looking for the golden goodie…” well that can become a paradox. If we’re continually looking for the golden goodie, chasing it, then it becomes like chasing a rabbit. Being in the ever present now? Hmm. That’s pretty great. Again…this is just imho fellow traveler.

        1. The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. The Dao is done and yet leaves nothing undone. I’m speaking to simplicity. Being present in the moment, but the more you fight something, the more one chases their tail… does that make sense. Not to argue… this is more to experience conversation. To experience difference of opinion. That’s all

          1. I am in agreement. The Dao audiobook has been like a bedtime story. I think we had words of different intonation but meant the same. Intent for harmony and not discord. 😊💫

  5. Wow. The first thought I had was this reminds me of Roald Dahls’ short story The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, and then as the story continued, it took on an Agatha Christie mystery feel. It wasn’t dark, but mysterious. Oh, and the water fall, it made me think of the water of immortality in mythology. Basically, it was awesome!!

  6. James 3:15-18 ~ contrast between earthly and heavenly wisdom ✨🙏 in the present moment we can get sidetracked off the eternal by putting our eyes on what it seen and temporal~ but I’m not of this world so man’s wisdom doesn’t excite me~ Good story though ☺️

      1. True wisdom comes from the mouth of God. … “For the Lord gives wisdom and from his mouth comes to the knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:1-5 🙂

      1. Yes true wisdom and strategy is given to God’s ppl that seek His face, you have to go up higher, we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places. When we focus on worldly wisdom with our natural minds we are limited. No man or celestial being knows ALL the secrets or where the hidden riches in secret places are, but my Father does and He says when you lack wisdom to ask and He gives freely. Be not wise in your own eyes, apart from Him I can do nothing

        1. ” No Man or Celestial being knows all the secrets or where the hidden riches in secret places are” That sounds wonderful. It’s true though!

          1. Do you believe in luck? Lucky 0 , or do you believe in favor, its all about the mindset, and wether we ask amiss, if I ask God to bless me to be a blessing, and my heart testifies to this truth I know I have what I asked for but a double minded man shall expect to receive nothing. One of my favorite characteristics of Jesus personality is that when His critics mocked Him ” He opened not His mouth ” . Because when you know who you are You don’t have to prove who you are 😉 God bless you

          2. When you tell that to a believer , then he says ” Christ was a Spirit” Mind you, what do you mean exactly if i believe in Luck or Favor?

          3. And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you? Nehemiah 6:3

  7. This sounds like a cool story you should expand on. I don’t know if your writing buddy would want to, but I think you should.

  8. Your writings are awesome Sebastian! I love reading your stories, great imaginations, beautifully written. Thank you for your wonderful work. Have you published your stories as books also?

  9. This story has an interesting relation to knowledge. Mack says, “all these books are nothing. He told me that the eternal consciousness of the planet is at our reach. We just needed to heal ourselves.” But also later, “we wrote all these books to heal the world.”

    I think that the consciousness is deeper than the planet, and that is where it becomes difficult. The planet is itself part of an ecosystem, which includes both its external and internal ecosystem. The planetary system includes what to the human mind would be “violent” events. Yet they all seem to culminate towards order, whether it be those harmonious processes we see in nature or the nearly inconceivable cultural accomplishments which have taken place around the world, not to mention advances in scientific knowledge and technology. The thing is that the logic of the universe, on a micro-level, may include all of these books, this constant search and enjoyment of knowledge, experiment, and creating new states and interactions.

    What is really at stake is people learning what is good or bad. We live in a time of relativism, where people are unsure what is good for them or not, and this is a clouding of universal consciousness. That consciousness is human, because that is all we can know, being confined to our special-knowledge and physical senses. But the human is also an emanation of this natural universal process, and it is part of an interdependent ecosystem. I think that we are in a process of awaking to knowledge about this, but partly our social and partly our cultural relations impede our discussing new advances in science and unique perspectives on life and living.

    Thank you for the intriguing story!

    1. The predominant male perspective that ruled the Earth for thirteen thousand years has recently changed with the repositioning of the world’s energy center that used to be in Tibet.

      1. People are bullying my mom and me because we have a exemption for masks we can’t breath when wearing one and everone is so rude it hurts me to see people doing that to my mom 😢

  10. sebastian if that is your art work, my Lord in Heaven above you can think really well and your probably a thinker of reality and probabilities. Keep up the awesome work and never change buddy, you got it as you are doing an awesome job!

  11. Sebastian your work is completely interesting. Dreams of the future painting makes ya think a little about life hereon Earth and if there is a future. the storms and types of storms that had been taking place with its duration is startiling to say the least. keep up the good work!

  12. Wow… Your stories are always engaging and awesome. Thank you Sebastian Iturralde & Burnheaven for sharing this amazing story.

  13. Thank you for liking my post. I am RE-BRANDING and starting all over again. I am JUST finding you. I can’t wait to read your stories. You seem interesting and this story has me! Bravo.

  14. Hi there! First, thank you so much, for your amazing support and liking my content it truly blesses me. If you have any constructive criticism or feedback, I am open to hearing them.

    Then, what a wonderful writer you are! Keep exploring the rhythm of the ideas flowing as you then put your pen to paper!

    Finally, Thanks for sharing your magic! You’re amazing really!

  15. hi, i just wanted to say thank you for reading my stuff. i’ve noticed you pop up and i appreciate your time & energy (and it’s also a genius idea that you write in both languages). hope you have a great rest of your day/ night!

  16. There is so much mystery about that guy but it doesn’t matter since his only purpose was to heal the world. Now that I think of it, books really heal. This is great.

  17. It’s scary sometimes, when you totally relate to a fiction. I often wonder how the world would be if some of the most intense fictions would take place in 3D, isn’t it? By the way, don’t know why, but the names are really catchy. As I keep reading the characters seem to sink in my mind and that makes them so relatable. Strange but true! Love your story! 😉

  18. As always thank you for reading my blogs.This 3 part story of the supernatural was my reason for bringing back my retired detective . Your story is working that way to I see. Wish I had half the readership that you enjoy. One day maybe tell me how its done?

  19. It was written so beautifully that while reading, I literally started imagining it right infront of my eyes 👀🤝

  20. Yes you are right sir, our dreams full fil when our path in right direction, confidence and dedication.
    गीता में श्री कृष्ण भगवान ने अर्जुन को उपदेश में बोला है ” हमारा चयन ही हमारा प्रारब्ध होता है ।

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