Dark Light
Life may change when you decide to choose a different lens to see the world. But it won’t always improve.

I spread my arms, trying to fly, but something wasn’t working. My falling speed increased faster, the image of my body hitting the ground was the only thing I could think off. I have to fly, opening my hands allowed me to feel the wind on my palms—immediately I noticed my lack of feathers. What am I doing? The floor got closer and closer.

Felix woke with his face on a sweaty pillow. His heart rate gradually returned to normal. It was just a dream, he told himself. Although he hadn’t realized what was happening.

He got up and saw that everything was exactly where he left it, and walked towards the bathroom to wash his face. It was obvious that it was far from dawn.

I need to stop having these nightmares, Felix thought, looking at his reflection in the mirror. As far as he remembered, he was still wearing the same outfit he used to go to bed. The black military uniform with its weapon filled pockets and his tall black leather boots.

Felix took the night vision goggles by the sink and put them on. The night turned as vivid as day, and he saw the small green creature lying in the bathtub. Immediately, Felix pulled his gun from its side pocket and fired.

Another creature entered through a crack on the ceiling and jumped, grabbing onto his helmet. Felix took it in one hand, brought it to the ground and fired.

He walked to the bedroom door and noticed it was filled with green little creatures, they moved around on the furniture… until they noticed Felix’s gaze and went crazy.

Felix ran to avoid wasting ammunition, going straight into the living room and closing the door. Only to notice that there was a larger creature waiting for him—at the other end of the room he saw a missed launcher, and ran towards it while shooting at the creature.

The six feet green creature protected the face with its arm from the shots. His body seemed almost as wide as tall, and it charged towards Felix.

Once he grabbed the weapon, Felix had to push himself off the wall to avoid being rammed by the creature. And saw it walk through the kitchen wall.

Felix knelt to hold the missile launcher over one shoulder and pulled the trigger. The creature seemed to explode on impact. I have to get out of here, he thought.

By then, he could see the green hands coming out of small holes on his bedroom door. He started running towards the front door, and noticed that the corridor was clear, then he continued towards the elevator. When the doors opened other little green creatures came out, Felix had to jump backwards, towards the floor to have more distance and shoot.

Then, he turned backwards to stand and when he got up he noticed that all the creatures were lifeless on the floor. He turned to run towards the stairs, but noticed a group of tall humanoid creatures walking up the stairs. Damn, he thought and took the stairs up.

He found the rooftop empty and ran looking for something to defend himself—he was low on ammunition. I have to get out of here… and the door opened. The humanoid creatures came out, they carried swords and warhammers. Time was running out.

Felix ran to the edge of the roof and jumped, falling faster and faster. He spread his arms to fly, and noticed he didn’t have feathers—the ground was approaching really fast. And he woke up again.



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