My Marshmallow Uber

The fragile mind of a person can be disturbed by the slightest inconvenience. Especially when life has taken a painful path.

Greenhouse Flowers

Despite the insistence, life goes on its way and no one can interfere with its progress. Nevertheless, trying it is the dream of all those who live in the past.

Format C:/Human/Brain

The reason for all of our problems and closer than we could imagine. We should give ourselves the opportunity to look beyond what is allowed.

The Crazy One

One more in the crowd but different for knowing what everyone seems to ignore. Living surrounded by deadly poison but unable to do anything to help others.

That Guiding Hand

Fear can become life's greatest enemy. Walking blindly in fear can leave you spinning in circles for eternity. It's like being trapped in a nightmare that never ends.

A Story Worth of Paper

A tragic story that should serve as an example for all of us on the path of life. Fighting against a wall is not always the best way forward.

Vivid Dream

Secrets hidden in the dark emerge, causing chaos. The world trembles, but life goes on. Despite the turmoil, there's still hope and purpose.

Inner Power

Despite our shared connection to balance, more and more humans are giving in to destructive energies. Only the worthy will be useful for the war against chaos.

Cruel Existence

Trying to unite my fantasy universe with reality, I came up with an interesting idea. I hope you can see beyond traditions to a past without borders.

Never Ending Cycle

In search of a solution that seems impossible to reach, it is possible to discover the root of the problem that limits the development of a nation.