Dark Light
When you are ready to jump into the abyss, stop moving things around, quit worrying about the unforeseen future and take the reins of your life.

This has been an exciting week and we’re just in the middle of it. I can’t say it’s been great for writing, but it helped me clear some other things. As many of you, I had to let go of old junk that took too much space, and lost its purpose. It’s hard to leave behind the parts of life that no longer help you grow, even harder when you love them. But, there’s no reason for walking around carrying a bag of trash that only brings pain, even if you have come to appreciate the presence of such evils.

Now, I see myself free of all painful attachments and ready to embrace life and its consequences. Regrets make every decision a little harder, but who can live with that pain. A decision made is a great one, and who is better than you to know the path you’re supposed to take. Stop trusting the ideas that were placed in your head, clear your mind of all evil, and accept the truth.

Our time on Earth is short, we can’t spend it trying to fix the world, there’s nothing to fix. Enjoy the journey as if there was nothing else after death, get rid of all those people who make you feel less than you are. Don’t hear their complains of dissatisfaction with their own lives, there’s no reason to stop living the best life you can. Take chances, nothing is certain and when you feel everything is perfect, life knows how to make your world collapse until your able to open your eyes.

Let the world take its course and join it. We are but speck of dust trying to understand why nothing revolve around us; we are too insignificant. There’s nothing wrong with that, learn what the world wants from you, and do it. We are part of the same and every action matters, stop thinking globally and start acting locally, start with yourself.

We are the only ones who think so much of ourselves. No matter the amount of power your able to gather, it doesn’t matter if you were able to climb the ladder. Our lives aren’t a competition, stop pretending the rest of the world cares about your meaningless fortunes. People should be measured by how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the good of others, but we can only see the beauty in the life of the rest.

You are special and the world needs your talents. Stop walking toward your envy of someone else. Take the time to know yourself, rediscover your passion and follow it until someone wishes he could be like you, then try to help others to see that their gifts are as precious as yours. Everyone is important and should work toward a positive goal.

The constant competition to fulfill our ambition is taking our society to the same place. How many times must we fall to the same rock before we make a change?

Follow the light within you. Even if it’s too dim to see, before you know it, rays of light will blind all those around you and only the ones with the courage to open their eyes will stay close to you.

  1. Follow the light within you. Even if it’s too dim to see, before you know it, rays of light will blind all those around you and only the ones with the courage to open their eyes will stay close to you.—-love, love, love this!

  2. I really enjoy your blog site. You have done a great job with aesthetics. Thank you for the support on my first post I appreciate it

  3. Good motivation! This one had a different feel to the earlier posts you have written. Seems things changed between 2014 to 2018! 🙂 After reading your post, I looked up Book of Minor Prophets and saw Hosea’s chapter. Seems we are not supposed to avoid people even if they are not good for us (many a times). Just this morning I listened to one Catholic teaching video, it was said that the most significant thing a human/ Christian can do is to turn some sinner away from sin. I think not many like to sin, but they don’t see a reason why not to. That’s the beauty I have discovered recently in learning about Catholic faith. Sorry I blabber more.

  4. I feel its okay to maintain distance with people who bring you down. It is a hard fact that some people can never get along. But only think and speak good about them with others. Because what we give is what we receive, right!

  5. Love this blog. I just moved myself and know exactly how you feel when it comes to leaving old things behind. Keep on writing. Your blogs are delightful to read.

  6. Thank you for liking my blog posts, it makes me feel better because I literally rush through them and BS them lol! But you’re such a great writer!Keep on doing what you’re doing!I read that you studied psychology. That’s so cool, that’s what I am majoring in at this time!!

  7. What a beautiful soul to write this message! LIFE never bothered me, but all along I was the one who bothered myself. There is nothing to fix, flowing and cruising LIFE now. Thank you for your gentle reminder: ALL IS WELL. Sending you peace and LOVE this holiday season; thank you for being a LIGHT!

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