Finished moving things around

When you are ready to jump into the abyss, stop moving things around, quit worrying about the unforeseen future and take the reins of your life.

The Path

Wrote this song without a clue I was doing it, the day felt sad and the inspiration came. I hope you enjoy it!


There must be a way for us to enjoy live and all its prices without been lured into a trap that ends up destroying our happiness.

Chase Bigger Dreams

Let us not be limited by an stranger's imagination when its time to choose a dream that only a person with your unique set of skills can achieve.

Embrace Your Nature

Blaming our genders for the errors of civilization won't help our society to overcome them. I'll do my best at finding a solution for us all.

Sparkles of Life

Without the ability to sense existence from a different perspective, we end up forced to accept that our reason in the only one that could be right.

Good or Bad

My search for an answers has led me to believe that I need to create a world, this way I'll be able to see every perspective to define evil.

The Path

Life is not about finding a path to follow, instead, we're supposed to take small steps as the invisible bridge appears a couple of feet in front of us.

The End

Repeating the same error in every reincarnation it's the definition of eternal insanity. Let's brake the cycle this time.

Power Corrupts

I've found a solution to a problem that seems part of the reason why so many people aren't enjoying life at its fullest. Or maybe, it's just my perspective.