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Life is not about finding a path to follow, instead, we’re supposed to take small steps as the invisible bridge appears a couple of feet in front of us.

In my personal experiences, I have observed that humans are often willing to follow any path they discover. However, there have been instances where, regardless of our efforts to avoid them, we end up where we’re supposed to be. The concept of destiny or a prearranged set of circumstances can make life seem meaningless, as we feel that we have no control over our lives. Believing that we have the ability to choose our own goals gives us a sense of purpose and happiness. However, I have noticed that big organizations, including religious ones, often try to impose their ways on us. Sometimes, it feels like we are unable to see the big picture.

As humans, we desire control as it makes us feel significant. However, time can make the concept of destiny irrelevant for our senses, and this can lead us to act without a sense of responsibility. The idea that rules are meant to be broken is a sad excuse and should not be used as a justification for irresponsible behavior.

In this eternal journey of life, we often choose to stop following orders. Perhaps, we have always found it fun to do the opposite of what we’re told. Now, it feels like this has always been our way of life. We cannot trust the old scripts or stories of how everything began. I believe that it was much more complicated than what those stories suggest. For some reason, we are not able to imagine a place where free will is not an option, and everything is perfect.

However, free will is our most precious possession, as without it, we would just be like dust that the wind takes from one place to another. The hardest decision is often to follow the road that life is showing us, even if it goes against the ideas that were implanted in our heads. Sometimes, we end up walking in a different direction than the one we had wished for.

I am not suggesting that we do not have the option to choose our own path. On the contrary, we have the freedom to choose the steps we’ll take to get to where we’re meant to go. Some of us choose the hardest path, but it is essential to let yourself be the one who chooses the journey you’re about to embrace. We may not have the wisdom to know the outcome of what we do, but we can still take control of our lives and make our own choices. Ultimately, our experiences and choices shape us and lead us to where we’re supposed to be.

      1. Your author’s “voice” is amazing! You really know how to capture one’s imagination by invitation, and sustain the excitement and interest throughout the entire piece. I haven’t Google’d yet, but these works are “SO” Publishable! Maybe start with a nice choice if your collected works! I am in a Wonderful book publishing and writing group. They have shared lots of great techniques and ideas for developing a novel as well. (Of which I am currently working on as well)

        Your site design is off the hook!!! I don’t know if you can tell from where your located, but in Green with Envy!!! I’ve been up 3 Nights totalling about twelve hours sleep, and I am Nowhere near the quality of what you have!!!! It Is nice to know that it is attainable though! So… Thank you for that, as well as the encouragement. I feel like the little train…. CH ch ch “I think I can… I think I can!!!” Whooooo Hooooo!!!!!
        Thank you for everything

  1. Dipping in quickly from my blog, where I saw your Like (“study of ignorance”)… did you ever read Mick Farren’s “Quest of the DNA Cowboys”? In it, Billy (aka Captain Oblivion) yearns to leave Pleasant Gap, so he buys a stasis generator and steps into The Nothings… like your emergent bridge!

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