Dark Light
Without the ability to sense existence from a different perspective, we end up forced to accept that our reason in the only one that could be right.

If you take a moment to examine Earth’s surface, you will notice that there is no clear distinction between our planet and the Sun. Although we are composed of different materials, both Earth and the Sun are imbued with energy that emanates into the atmosphere. This energy is contained within a bubble that prevents us from escaping without a struggle towards the darkness. We are like prisoners in our own world, fighting to break free, only to be pulled back down by Earth’s gravitational force, plummeting into the depths of the planet’s core.

Our internal temperatures are a testament to our incandescent essence, melting our souls within. We are captivated by the beauty of the carbon flames that are eager to return to the Sun, but we are blinded to the fact that we are merely specks in the eyes of the divine. We are sparks of fire that burn green and blue as we try to burst out of our confinement.

From our limited perspective, everything seems different, much like how magma embers try to escape from the stifling heat of the Sun. We are unaware of our imprisonment and are surrounded by sparks that are attempting to break free. We are unaware of the purpose of our existence, which is merely a fleeting moment in the eyes of the divine, as we lose consciousness and reason for existing. From the perspective of the Sun, our years are nothing but a few fleeting moments, and we are lost in the darkness of existence.

Despite our conviction that we are the pinnacle of existence, we are nothing more than sparks of light with the legs of children on one side and those of an old man on the other. We are atoms in constant motion, jumping from one place to the next, controlled by forces we cannot comprehend. These forces lead us to fail to comprehend our insignificance, and we are left with unreal sensations that exist between water droplets. The sounds we hear are nothing more than atoms crashing into each other. We push the boundaries of creation to get closer to the divine.

Have you ever wondered what the rays of the Sun feel like? They are the remnants that create life on Earth. If the Sun is life, then why wouldn’t it be alive?

Let us continue to fight the forces of nothingness to reach nothingness, for it is in this pursuit that we may find meaning in our existence.

  1. Hello Sparkle! An interesting blog post. Sadly I have to say that many a times what I think is not what the author intends to say (imagination of individuals differ). I think your question is deep – if Sun is life, why is not he alive!? Guess its life lies in those rays it emanates. It gives life to others, that is what God really does. Gives life to others. It is the biggest source of life. See, I told you what you intend to say might be different from what I end up thinking you are trying to say. So I won’t say more. I have to read more posts to understand the rest! 🙂

    Liked this line – “Knowing that we are not more than sparkles of light in the eyes of Gods.”

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