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Let us not be limited by an stranger’s imagination when its time to choose a dream that only a person with your unique set of skills can achieve.

As I was browsing the internet for feedback on my short stories, I noticed that most groups I found were full of people trying to sell their books instead of offering constructive criticism. It made me question whether writing was just a means to make money, and whether all artists end up struggling to make ends meet. In that moment, I decided that the only reward I want from writing is the satisfaction of the craft itself.

Like many young authors, I started writing for small groups of people and my stories were initially just for entertainment. But over time, I began incorporating my own philosophies into my work, which led me to realize that sharing my ideas with others was important. Although my perspectives are based on my own experiences, they are valuable and worth sharing with others.

Our world is full of beauty, and it’s something we can’t own or control. We’re all on this journey together, searching for a hidden secret, and the more information we share, the better off we’ll be. No one leaves this earth alive, so let’s make the most of our time here and appreciate the beauty around us.

Writing is a form of art that helps us communicate with one another, and it’s something that comes naturally to all of us. It’s important to acknowledge this basic need and embrace it, as it can be a powerful tool for personal and social growth.

We live in a world that no longer satisfies our needs, but we’re hesitant to let go of the past and embrace change. We’re afraid of what might happen if everything we know collapses, but we need to take a step back and recognize all that we’ve accomplished. We’ve created beautiful cities and roads, and we have access to wealth and technology that was once unimaginable. But despite all of this progress, we struggle to take a break and spend time with our loved ones.

I understand that the fears and needs of previous generations have been passed down to us, but I refuse to continue on a destructive path. I’m committed to creating a better system, even if it means taking a risk and following a path that may not lead to financial success. For those who are solely focused on making money, I wish you luck, but I hope you’ll also take the time to appreciate the beauty around you and embrace the power of art and communication.

  1. I really liked this blog even from 2014 you have a lot of knowledge on how to tell a good story. I am an author of two books so far. I know you read my blog Author Recognition Award. Thank you very much for that. If, you want to discuss writing techniques or just writing period I am here to help anyone I can if possible. I have made some great friends on WordPress.com this is my 3 rd year blogging now. Have a great Tuesday evening Sebastian !

      1. I usually simply sit in front of my desktop and write the first thing that comes put. At times I look on the net for names and places and planets etc.. I enjoy writing which is testing when others read and like my posts on my blog.

    1. Hey I really enjoy reading your blogs. I’m going to keep up with you. I like how you write. Your words flow so effortlessly. Keep up the great work. If you had a book of short stories, I would purchase one.

      1. Hello munwash1 Thank you very much for the incredible comments about my blog posts. I do not have a book of short stories. I do have two fiction books self published. One is called : A Walk in Time. The other is: The Haunting of Marcasite. You can find them on Amazon and about 30,000 other on line books stores. I also believe that brick and mortar book stores have them in their catalogue of books. I hope this helps you if you decide to buy one or both of my books. I am looking forward to hearing more from you in regards to my blog posts.

  2. I actually came to know of this page after you had liked a post of mine on WordPress. I checked out a few posts of yours and its very creative , in this particular post I like the idea of all of us finding a hidden secret together. Continue posting great stuff like this. Its very refreshing to read people’s opinions on different ideas.

  3. Your work is amazing Sebas..I just started my blog yesterday and i feel like i have been derailing myself from a good thing..your stories just gave me a whole new inspiration asban aspiring writer..you stated so many facts. Its amazing how the world has turned into making finacial benefits about everything

    Thank you for the good work
    Am motivated continue spreading light

    1. Kelly, I’m glad to hear this. We’re the architects of the future and we cannot waste time planting ideas that won’t be useful to anyone. Keep going, every day there are more of us.

  4. Sebastian! I admire (and am delighted) by your observation. People really do let fascinating things pass them by, and I agree that in our time, more than ever, we should seriously consider stopping to appreciate what’s around us and the history it’s take to make it all work (or lack thereof). There’s a lot to be discovered in everyday life, and I’m glad you know this too.

  5. That’s a nice personal experience you shared! I liked the term you used there – blank papers. But as you yourself said and as it appears the blank papers have much use now than ever before. I like blank papers so much now! Nice to read about your accumulated philosophies of years!

  6. Hi Sebastian, You just liked my post and I was surfing your blog. Youbare a wonderful person. I loved that you write for the remuneration of writing. Yes mate,the world is definitely changing very fast. I used to know all my friends just 2 yrs back & now it feels like I don’t know anybody at all. It’s very dynamic but don’t worry too much about it. You will be all right & thery will always be people who can love you. You just need to keep reaching out. Take care mate.

  7. Hi Sebastian. I noticed that you liked my latest post and decided to take a look at your site. Instead of reading your latest post, I selected an older post. I’m glad that I did because this post tells me so much about who you are as a person and writer – wonderful. Our world has changed so much since this post (2014). However, something you wrote struck me because they are words that I live by, “The one who carries less baggage gets further than the rest.” By communicating and sharing with others, we lighten our burden and allow others to do the same – release the negative to make room for the positive. We can learn so much from each other, both lessons from the past and present. Thank you for sharing your writing with us.

  8. I honestly try to read indie authors and review them. I’ve done that for a couple on this blog and my other blog, Multiverse Dream, which I also follow you from. But it’s difficult when you can’t quit your day job, and you’re trying to write your own stuff, you’re a single parent of an autistic kid…it’s a lot of stuff. But I’ve made a few friends along the way because I want to be a giver, not just a taker. I’m a lifelong learner, so I read the works of others to continually improve my own. I love your site and your writing!

  9. “So you never know who you touch. You never know how or when you’ll have an impact, or how important your example can be to someone else”
    ― Denzel Washington, A Hand to Guide Me

    Thanks to your curiosity and kindess I was able to stumble upon your awesome blog. Congratulations not only for thrilling writing but also on the graphic creativity and on the blog’s design.

    Your words are compelling showing character and irreverence.

    Thank you for daring to take a step forward and being able to think out of the box. It is tiring and burdensome to show talent following other than mainstream lines. But it should be paid off in the long haul.

    You dared to show us talent and courage thus… we should dare to show you support for you to preservere and accomplish your dreams. Especially, when your dreams can make this world a better world for all of us.

    Once again, thank you for making a difference!!

    Seldom times luck will come without audacity. May your audicity be alive and kicking for a long long time!

  10. Thank you for writing this article, you are a true writer. I have found another friend like me.🙂

  11. i agree with you.
    Concerning your style, here is my point of view for the moment. In the texts i read from you you were able to express your self in a sleek or purified manner, and with clarity. Your choice of words made for a text free from heaviness, coarseness, obscurity. It made reading pleasant. Concerning the subjects, i appreciate their originality and their solidity (they are meaningfull rather than absurd).
    I like to discover your ideas.
    I wish you to continue on your quest, ideally free of the stupid and revolting tyranny of the money cult.

  12. Hi

    You have said whats on most peoples mind.all aspects of life is now on monetisation.
    Very apt for the times.
    Regarding the secret i think we can partially uncover it provided we stop giving too much importance to the bland explanations from science and religion.
    It may not be possible to throw light into every mind.
    Imagine if we can erase all these scientific mumbo jumbo for a few moments and think with our own minds.
    One has to start from scratch if any kind of insights are to be had.
    I feel good to know that there are still people who are seeking authentic creative experiences.
    Btw if you look closer one can find patterns linking everything.lets explore this vast canvas which will keep curious people busy for generations.

  13. Self expression is vital. We are supposed to use our creative talents. It is a fulfillment within itself to excerise the faculties that we are given.

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